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Oral transmission risk

Hi all - I am hoping to clarify possible transmission risks of herpes via oral sex.  I've spent the last few days on the forum trying to find a thread that relates closest to my situation, so that I'm not posting a redundant question, and I haven't been able to find it.  Apologies if I've overlooked.  Most I've found are a guy worried about contracting from a blowjob - I am a girl worried about contracting after giving one.  I do not notice any issues in my genital region.  

After mutual unprotected oral sex with a guy, I'm worried about contracting either form of HSV, specifically in my mouth.  I talked to my gyno and she said the chances are low, but to come back after 6 weeks in order to get tested (I had talked with her within a week of this encounter).  We are now at about 2.5 weeks from the encounter.  

Is 6 weeks the earliest to get tested and trust the results?  Will the blood test show an infection regardless of where it is (orally or genitally)?  My gyno said that there is no test for herpes in the mouth - so if I have herpes there, what good does a vaginal test do?  

The guy had said he was negative and had been tested within the year (having protected sex with one person since the testing).  While he and I still talk, I'm not entirely in a position to ask him to be tested.  His genitals looked fine and had no noticable sores, etc.  

The only 'symptoms' I notice could also be related to other things (namely a wisdom tooth that might be erupting), but they are:

The area under my tongue tingled for 2 days straight about 10 days after the encounter - although all my research says that tingling is not a symptom of a first time infection.  

The back of my throat hurts, alternating from left to right side (hurts right in the area of the wisdom tooth).  

Raw open skin on the inside of my lower lip - but I find I bite the inside of my lip a lot and these two marks are aligned with my teeth.  

Raw skin on gums (from brushing too hard?)

Inflamed gums and bad breath are recent (within 2 days).  

Everything I've read said infection/transmissions risks are possible but low.  And in all honesty, until I can get a test I just have to trust his word, but 6 weeks is an awfully long time to wait when you're a worrier.

Thanks in advance for any help!  
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I don't really think that those sound like symptoms of herpes, but if you're concerned you should go back to the doctor and get tested.
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Hi, contracting herpes from a one time oral sex where he did not have any genital sores at the time, the risk would be close to zero. If your sexually active it would be good to have a herpes test for the protection of future partners but dont be overly concerned that youve just contracted it. You oral symptoms dont appear herpes related at all.
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