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Pls interpret my hsv tests..

Herpes Simplex I  IGG  4.460.   Positive.    
Herpes Simplex I.  IGM  0.31.    Negative

Herpes Simpkex II. IGG 0.120.  Negative
Herpes Simplex II. IGM 0.31.     Negative

Reference range: Negative is  < 0.9
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Can you tell me how i may have gotten it? How long i've had it?
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why did you get tested?

how long prior to testing had you last had sex?

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I got tested because i discovered i had a cold sore on my lip last week. I got tested because I did not want to assume that oral is HSV 1 and also wanted to know if I have HSV 2. Doctor prescribed Valaciclovir but this is from looking at my sore and even before seeing these results. I was the one who wanted to be tested.

I am overseas - in south asia and this is the first time i've had an outbreak. The first doctor i went to didn't even know that blood test specific to HSV 1 and 2 are available locally. HSV 1 is not common in my community. Doctors would say that only 10% of their dermatology patients come to them for HSV 1.

I am male, in my late 40s. Scared that i may have given HSV to my wife or my children. I have also had genital warts when i was in my 20s and did pass this on to my spouse.

Pls interpret my results.
Some more questions...
my other child gets inside mouth sores and i am thinking if this is from his braces or can also be HSV.
If i gave my wife HSV 1 and she gets oral herpes, can she still get genital herpes? I gave oral a month ago.
Does this mean no more kissing? No more sharing of water bottles, towels, utensils?


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actually the rates of oral hsv1 are incredibly high in asian countries. most folks don't bother to seek out medical help for them if they get obvious cold sores.

http://www.ashastd.org/std-sti-works/Herpes/oral-herpes.html  has terrific info on oral herpes for more reading.

your wife would need tested to know her own status to determine if you want to change anything about your sex practices.  

oral herpes is not transmitted by sharing water bottles, towels or utensils!
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