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Possible Herpes or am i paranoid??

To give some background i'm an 18 year old male and have never have any health issues.
       I decided to have sex with a girl and didn't use a condom. (stupidest mistake of my life). 2 Weeks later i receive news back that she has genital herpes. I freaked out and went to the doctor the next day. The doctor told me not to freak out and that it's unlikely that i got infected since she was probably not infected with herpes at the time so that i was fine. She told me to come back only if I had a break out. these past few weeks i noticed the lips of my penis seemed a little swollen and maybe a little red, and when i look inside my penis tip there is a red line. If i squeeze on the head of my penis ill get a pinching feeling but it's only half the time and i have to squeeze with some force. It's been almost 11weeks since since my encounter. It has not hurt to pee and i've had no discharge.
      Along with all of this madness about the same time i discovered the the redness on my penis, i discovered some tiny white bumps on the left and right side of my lips (not in the corners) I feel like i've had them forever but maybe not? Maybe i've had some but not many? Not really sure, haven't paid close attention to my body until this incident. They are painless and aren't visible until close inspection. My dad said fordyce runs in the family but it doesn't seem to be that, but maybe it is. Also underneath my upper lip i discovered a vein that i can feel with my tongue and my upper lip is swollen a little. It pulses with consistency. You can't see unless you look really close or unless you pull up my lip and its easily visible. Upon weeks inspection my lips maybe feel more dry than normal but not a big difference. An important detail i forgot to mention is i preformed oral sex on her for maybe 15-30 seconds.
   I know some of you are just going to say go back to your doctor but i really don't want to. I will if i absolutely have to but it costed a couple hundred dollars and i'm a broke college student. I really do not want to go just to have to pay that much again. I'm really hoping that it will just go away and its nothing bad. I'm hoping for what the doctor said is right and its unlikely i have anything and i don't.
     an overview
Discovered bumps on lip/ vein and swollen upper lip about 4weeks after encounter. (no pain.)
Discovered redness on penis lips/Red line inside penis about 4mm down about 5weeks after encounter.(no pain, pinching feeling if i squeeze on the head of my penis with force.)
It has been about 11weeks total since encounter.
      If ANYONE could give me any information or help i would be very grateful for this situation has costed more stress and anxiety one person should have to go through. Not to mention long nights without sleep and effecting the way i eat and skip meals.

Much thanks.
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Genital herpes I mean!
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Slow down here, how did you find out she had geniyal heroes and how did she have it confirmed? Was her first outbreak after sex with you?
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