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Possible herpes/transmission risk MSM

Thank you for this fantastic resource.

In March I had sores come up around my anus after letting a male partner lick my anus.
I dismissed the first episode as a rash, as I had spent the week walking upwards of 6 miles per day while touring in New York City.

About two weeks ago I had a very similar outbreak, which was isolated to my anus.
The outbreak was preceded by some seepage and itching of the anus.

Before both outbreaks I had vigorously itched the area. The sores were loosely clustered around the perianal area.
What is the likelihood that herpes would present only around the anus? I've not experienced any itching or soreness in the "boxer short area", including my penis, aside from the outbreak itself. What else might this be?

This weekend I thought the rash had dissipated and healed and I engaged in frottage with a partner. We were both nude and unprotected. Some oral sex was exchanged. Most worrisome, I sat on him briefly. No penetration occurred. This morning I noticed that near my anus a small cut was still there. It is very probable that the shaft of his penis touched this cut.
What is the likelihood (assuming the worst case scenario of my having HSV) that sitting on him without any considerable grinding or penetration could give him the virus?
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Giving him hsv from this type of exposure isn't likely at all. I wouldn't be concerned but I would get an igg type specific blood test to see if indeed you have hsv.
So even some contact with a lesion without penetration is considered a relatively low risk?
I guess I'm trying to overcome the rest of the Internet which says that virtually any contact is probable to spread the virus.
You haven't been diagnosed with hsv. If it was an open hsv lesion then the chances are higher you could spread the virus. That being said if they all were healed or healing then this may not have been a lesion. Could of been from scratching at the area. Either way I suggest getting any new sores or cuts swabbed and tested
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