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Possible risk of HSV 1/2 with Symptoms


I have some mixed reports from doctors:

I met a girl of tinder on the 25th I don't know her Sexual history and we only deep kissed. I never saw her again. 1 day later on the sunday i began getting flu like symptoms blocked ears / sore throat and a very red eye (conjunctivitis). The sore throat got extremely severe I had to go to the doctor and he prescibed antibiotics (amoxil)  and eye drops and said its conjunctivitis.After 7 days the sore throat didn't clear and it  was very painful so go another lot of antibiotics (erythromycin) then 7 days of that.Exactly nearing the end of the second anibiotic 20days after the kissing episode I got a lump on my middle top lip with a hole in the middle it lasted 4 days then it was hard to notice( note i have never got a cold sore before). It looked like 1 blister, it didnt scab to a yellow nor were there multiple small blisters nor did it go bright red) and as I haven't had cold sores before not sure what it was. 3 days after it appeared ( as needed to wait till monday for doctors ) I went to the doctor who swabbed it and the PCR test was negative for HSV1/2 and he did a blood test IgG )which was negative. ( this was 23 days after exposure and 3 days since the blister on lip.

1) Are my symptoms and timeline evident with initial HSV exposure?
2) In initial exposure to HSV when does the cold sores normally develop as mine was 20 day mark ?
3) As I never get a cold sore how do I know if its a cold sore?I have a pic of it which I can send as the PCR done 3 days late was negative
3) with the tests I have done swab and blood do you think any further tests are needed or this rules out  hsv out totally?
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When we stand within 3 feet of someone and/or kiss them, we are at risk for all sorts of viral infections like colds and flu. Kissing someone does put you at risk for oral herpes but between the pcr swab being negative and your symptoms sounding non-herpes like, odds are this isn't oral herpes going on.

I wouldn't bother with any further herpes testing from this encounter. It's just not worth it.

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Thanks for your reply

How accurate is the PCR considering it was a few days after the sore was developed?

i have a pic of the sore , do you want to see it to see if its a cold sore?
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Hi grace,

I'm just following up on this?
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I just did a 12 week igg test . is this conclusive or do I need a western blot
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