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Possible urethral HSV infection

Hello all, about two weeks ago I had an unprotected oral and vaginal encounter with someone who says they get checked very regularly. About a week ago, I started experiencing some symptoms - swollen groin lymph nodes, itchy urethra, my temperature has been elevated and inside of my urethra looked red.

A few days after that, I saw the most troubling symptom... what seems like really tiny clear blisters within the urethra(perhaps 1mm in size). I've experienced very very slight burning,  some clearish, brown discharge and dribbling when I pee. I haven't seen any external blisters of any kind yet, and I don't think i've ever seen any in my life. I think I should not that these blisters are not painful to touch( i've done so using a Q-tip)

Where testing is concerned, 5 days after the incident, I got tested for Chlamydia/Gonorrhea and they both came back negative. Yesterday I got a urethral swab done on the of the blisters that look like they've opened up and I await the test results.

From my understanding, it's not typical for an initial outbreak to come without any form of external lesion and lesions within the urethra are typically very painful(which they are not for me). However, the sign of very small blisters are a huge warning sign. Are there any other reasons why there would be blisters within my urethra?
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Hi, your correct that interior urethra herpes would be painful and outbreaks there are most often from someone who already has herpes as is called recurrent. Inside the urethra is not a place for first time outbreaks to occur as are from point of contact like the shaft area.
What could cause what your describing is from you attempting to ease the itching by squeezing the head area to much.
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Hi life, thanks for the reply.

I've got one final question. Is the dribbling after urination and clearish brown discharge typical of a urethral infection? Thank you.
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dribbling after urination could mean there pressure on your urethra from your prostate gland. The urethra travels through the middle of it and any type of pressure can cut off the urine to dribble out. Neve heard of clearish brown discharge. I would have a doc take a look about that.
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Just an update on my Condition. Urination has become painful, the small blister within the urethral meatus has left a faint red circle and the most troubling symptom is painful/blocked ejaculation.

This is starting to look more like a prostate issue more and more, but i'm only 24; i've been told it's quite uncommon.

Can herpes potentially block ejaculation?
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