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Primary outbreak, blisters popping

Hi there,

I am experiencing a primary outbreak from suspected HSV1 genital. A swab was taken (results due next week) and Dr. prescribed Valtrex. Blisters on my labia, perineal area began popping and oozing 24 hours ago, and still weeping like crazy. I have been cleaning every hour or 2 with cotton pads dipped in salt water or an epsom soak followed by blow dry. Wondering 1) how long does this stage usually last? 2) is there any more I can be doing to expedite healing/drying up?
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What has been your sexual history in the past week?

Are you taking antivirals?
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Feb3 had sex and oral with partner. Partner does get cold sores, but nothing active around time. Early symptoms began Feb 8. Feb 10 sores noticeable, Feb 11 to Dr who swabbed & began antiviral Valtrex. Feb 13 blisters began popping.
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This is sounding like a primary herpes infection. The antivirals are the best you can do. Keep the sores a little moist with a cream of your choice.
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