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Rash on Foreskin

Okay, so I had a drunk night about 3 weeks ago. I went to a strip club and don’t anything!

I felt okay when I woke up. No symptoms. About 4 days after that night, I took a marijuana edible and I felt this irritation on my penis. I decided to examine the situation and found a rash on my foreskin. Of course, I freaked out and got tested on day 5. Everything came back negative.

I go on with life as usual and most of the time I feel no pain on my genitals. But since I’ve been so stressed, I took edibles twice since the encounter and every time I take it, I’ll feel this pain on my genitals. It only lasts until the effects of the edible subsides.

Fours weeks has went by and the rash is still there. It hasn’t gotten worse but it got a LITTLE better…

I tested at 3 weeks for HSV2 and it came back negative. What should I do in this situation?
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So you say it's a rash, but then say it's a pain - do you actually see a rash? Has a doctor actually seen the rash?

Maybe there is something in the edible that you are allergic to, and marijuana takes a long time to leave the body. Since you've taken edibles since, you are prolonging the time that it's staying in your system.

It could be just the way those particular edibles are made, an ingredient in them, the strain of the marijuana - I don't know. It's not from the strip club if you didn't remove your pants.

I think a doctor needs to see if it one hasn't.
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Yes there is a rash. I only noticed it after taking the edible. I'm not sure how long it has been there, but it was about 5 days after the strip club. I don't remember anything from walking in the strip club. This is my problem. I can't tell you what happened.

I've seen a GP, he said it doesn't appear to be HSV. But, then again not all cases will be severe cases. I'm just curious that if I tested negative after 3 weeks, what are the odds that I have HSV2? The rash is still there but slowly going away.
Ohhh so there could have been contact? Is it a no contact club? Do you know what they allow?

How were you tested for hsv2? Did you get tested for hsv1?

What about balanitis - did the doctor mention that?
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