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Raw skin or herpes?

Hi, I'm really worried about two spots that showed up the other day.
I was masturbating and I didn't use lube or anything so i don't know if it's because of that or if its something more serious.
But after I was done, I didn't really notice anything, but later that day there were to raw spots on the skin above my clitoris, which is where most of the friction would have been. I never noticed blisters or anything like a lot of sites say is a symptom for herpes. One spot is a little bit bigger than the other but they are both smaller than, say, an eighth of an inch.
Should I be worried or what else should I look out for symptom wise/is there other information that could be helpful for an answer?
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odds are these aren't herpes. see your provider though for a proper exam if you are concerned.

meanwhile try something as simple as a barrier cream to the area to soothe and to protect - desitin, a&d, aquaphor, vaseline etc.

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I guess I souldnt saw 'two raw spots, they just look like a sore, i guess.
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