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Recent HSV-1, HSV-2 results, please help. False positive?

Hi. Thank you for reading. I very recently went to a urologist regarding kidney issues. He gave me a blood test and tested for all STD’s. I have been tested before but I now understand that most doctors don’t test for herpes.  I was given a IgG test and supplemental test.  My results were 22 for HSV-1, which I know and understand I could’ve gotten it as a child. I have always had a canker sour inside my mouth, from time to time.   I also tested positive for HSV-2 at 1.03.   I have never had any type of outbreak to my knowledge.. but I know and understand that sometimes the symptoms are very mild.  I’m confused by the results. I should retest right? My doctors notes just tell me that it points to an “old infection” & that there’s no way of knowing if I’m still infected.
I feel devastated, if I’m being honest but I know it’s all going to be ok. I’m just shocked, I think.  I just would really like to know if there’s a huge chance of this being false positive.

Thank you so much.
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Actually, a 1.03 is in the equivocal range, and not even a positive. It doesn't point to an old infection, or anything like that.

The official test ranges are less than .9 is negative.

.91 to 1.09 is equivocal, or indeterminate.

1.10 and up is positive.

Most experts, including the CDC, believe that anything under a 3.5 could be a false positive and needs to be confirmed.

And dear lord, do not trust these doctors with your sexual health. If you get herpes, you always have herpes. There's no such thing as "an old infection" that you "may not have" anymore.

How long has it been since your last exposure? You have some options. You can try another IgG hsv2 at 4 months after your most recent exposure, or you can get a Western Blot test, which is a different type of test, and will be able to tell you definitively if you have it or not.

Also, canker sores in your mouth is not hsv1. Hsv1 gives you cold sores, which are sores on your lips or nose. 90% of people who have oral hsv1 never get a cold sore, so you could easily be in that group.

So don't panic. Chances are really good that you don't have hsv2.
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This is absolutely a false positive. Do not even worry about it.
Trust me I am going through this. I am wrapping my mind around this still and I am almost over it.
HSV2 testing only is needed when there is an actual outbreak and in fact,  a culture test is what actually shows accuracy.

I got a call from CityMD doctor today telling me how I should not even worry about this. and so did my physician because it is INVALID. Literally, this test is pure ******** geez especially when you have no symptoms.

I went from a positive to inconclusive!  

Put this behind everything. You are fine!

The doctor is one of these ignorant ones who test for HSV2 when NO outbreaks are present. CDC has STOPPED testing for this invalid, inaccurate piece of testings. (Trust me, I got told this by doctors!) please see somebody else.

I got in a loop of trauma. I myself am still healing emotionally due to the trauma this one doctor put me through. But the truth is that we are absolutely fine.  Go drink a cup of tea have a warm bath and put this behind you.

Take care,
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