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Red itchy bump on labia majora near clitoris?

During my period I always get itchiness on the inside of my labia majora, around the top near my clitoris. It ocurrs just before my period and stays with me throughout. It is now the 8th day of my period and my period has since stopped. I still have some itchiness so I went to check the area with a hand held mirror. I noticed that there is a red spot there. It is not extremely itchy, and it is probaby because my sanitary pads may have rubbed on the area but I was hoping someone could tell me that this is probably not herpes related?
It's just a red spot as far as I can see.
I've never had a herpes outbreak anywhere before, and am in a 4 year relationship witn someone who has also never had an outbreak. My doctor doesn't seem to think that testing is appropriate because of this.
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I agree with your Dr. It sounds nothing like hsv and you are probably right about an irritation from either your feminine products or from your cycle. I wouldn't worry.
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Great! Thanks for your reply :)
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Oh also I should make it clear that I haven't seen my doctor about this particular spot, it's just that in the past he has told me that we don't need to be tested for herpes because we've never had outbreaks and have only been sexually active with each other.
Do you think we should get a test elsewhere anyway just to find out our hsv status?
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