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Risk of passing oral herpes (hsv-1) to my penis?


I'm a 29 years old guy, i'm straight and I haven't had sexual intercourse with a woman for more than a year. In november of 2020 I had to do some medical tests for clinical reasons, including for hsv-2 and that test came back negative. However, I have oral herpes since I was like 10 years old. I know I asked this question before but since I usually masturbate myself once or twice daily, and I may be with a recurrence of oral herpes, I want to know if there is any risk of passing it accidentally to my penis. I usually always wash my hands before I masturbate but sometimes I use my fingers to check my teeth and I'm afraid I might have forgotten to wash them before. Is there any risk at all? I always freak out with this. Thanks! I appreciate any feedback
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Once you have antibodies develop, infecting yourself in another location is very, very rare. Antibodies develop within 12 weeks of infection, so since you've had it since you were a child, you have protections against this ever happening.

This is called autoinoculation - infecting yourself, essentially - and it's very rare once your infection is established with antibodies.  
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So there is nothing to worry about? Even if I accidentally touch my penis after I touch my lips?
No, there isn't.

We answer these questions on a volunteer basis, and on our own time. There isn't any reason to keep posting the question when you're waiting for a response. I'll be the one to answer in STDs, and if you'd like confirmation of my response, you can google hsv1 autoinoculation.

I found this for you. Terri Warren is one of the world's leading experts in herpes.



Thank you. I've read his responses on the forums. So I think I can definitely forget this and move on, right?
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At this point, our members have fully answered your question.  We wish you well.

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