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STD concern

I was being fondled by a guy at a video theater and he started to stroke me. He briefly put my penis in his mouth but I immediately pushed him away. Not sure of his STD/STI status and it was dark to know if he had any mouth sores. Being that the risk is high, should I go get tested for HSV1& 2.? Thanks
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If you "immediately" pushed him away, and your penis was only in his mouth for a few seconds, I wouldn't even worry about the risk of herpes, or any other STD. It takes longer than a few seconds for STDs to transmit, and requires some friction.

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Thank you
Even if they were possible sores on his mouth. Some his saliva was present as well.
Yes, even then. I would have mentioned that if it was a risk.

Obviously, his saliva was present - it was his mouth. Saliva isn't the big risk people seem to think it is. With oral sex, it's more likely to be a risk if your penis hits the back of the throat for a longer period of time. STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia live in the back of the throat.

Herpes sores are on the lips, not inside the mouth. Syphilis sores can be in the mouth, but syphilis is uncommon in most developed countries.

Herpes and syphilis take some time and friction to transmit.

If you had a need to worry and test, I'd have told you, I promise.
Thank you.
So, last question. Promise. Those herpes sores you speak of (if they were present) even in that short amount time shouldnt be a concern.
Seriously, if you had any kind of risk, I'd have told you.

In theory, yes, that would be a risk. In practical terms, though, it takes some time for germs to transmit from one person to another.

Also, most people with sores on their mouths aren't going around giving people oral sex. They know they are infectious, and they hurt.
Thank you, no more questions. Experiencing a little anxiety.

Its been about 3 days and I understand you said I wasn't at risk but I have had some itching of/on and discomfort in penile area. I'm thinking of getting tested because that is concerning. No discharge, or bumps but just concerning.
Thanks and I trust your expertise and information. I have searched the forums and this was posted years ago not sure if it still stands today but it was from Dr. H: As for other STIs, oral sex is an inefficient way to transmit STDs.  Even among persons with many sex partners, oral infections are uncommon and for a number of biological factors too complex to go into here, the efficiency of transmission of infections through oral sex is lower than for penetrative genital-vaginal or –anal sex.
Yes, that still stands.

Honestly, if you had a risk, I'd have told you. I understand anxiety, but we are honest here. We take this seriously. On and off itching is probably heightened awareness of the area because of anxiety.

If it makes you feel better to test, and be able to put this behind you, then test. We all that peace of mind testing. If you need that, then do that. You can expect it to be negative.

Be careful with the herpes testing, though. There are a lot of false positives with the hsv2 IgG blood tests. If you test too often, you are bound to get one, and that opens a can of worms I don't think you'll be able to handle here. You weren't at risk for hsv2 from this at all - that only transmits from genital to genital intercourse, which you didn't have. You don't need to test for hsv2.
Just receive the results. Test positive for HSV-1 38.60-Abnormal. Not sure what to do
Should I start on the Valtrex meds, freaking out here
How long has it been since this happened? This is likely a pre-existing infection.

At least half the adult population has oral hsv1, 2/3 globally. Most - around 90%  - will never get symptoms. Most people get it as children from adults in their lives.

The good news about this is that you can't get it again genitally.

Your anxiety is going to tell you that this is a genital infection. Rationally, you have to know that it isn't. You had a second of someone's mouth on your penis, you've had no sores on your penis, and your test results are high.

So how long ago did this encounter happen?
This happened 6 days ago.
Is there such things as false positives or is this 100% accurate?
And I have had recurring bacterial infections that my doctor has precribed ciproflaxin to cure. I having experiencing some those symptoms again.
Oh 6 days ago - this is definitely a pre-existing infection. It takes at least 10 days to develop antibodies, which is what the test looks for, at the very least - usually longer. You've probably had oral hsv1 for years and just didn't know it, like most people.

If your number was closer to the 1.10 cutoff, I'd say it could be a false positive, but at 38.60, it's a clear positive.

Seriously, don't freak out about this. This is an oral infection that you've had for a long time. Nothing will likely change for you. This doesn't have a single thing to do with your recurrent bacterial infections, which I'm assuming are genital. What type of infections are those? If you don't know why you keep getting cipro, you need to find out. Are you under the care of a urologist? You should be.

You should know that you can transmit hsv1 to someone genitally, if they don't already have it orally. All they need to do is take a test to find out. If they don't, you can take Valtrex daily to reduce the risk.

This is NOT A BIG DEAL. Literally gazillions of people around the world have it.
Oh and there is NO WAY you got it from the guy in the theater. Absolutely no way.
ok thanks for that. So, I should let me partner know as well. Interesting, I have tested in the past and this never came up and now it has come up as positive.
And yes, I am under care of a urologist. Sorry, yes I am freaking about this. And any future partners (if any) I need to let know of my status
And lastly not sure if this is positive for HSV-1 genitally as well or orally.
The blood test can only tell you what you have, not where you have it. If you've never had sores on your genitals, you probably don't have it genitally.

If you are giving oral sex, it would be kind to let your partners know. If they've ever had a cold sore, or tested positive for hsv1, there are no concerns - they can't get it again.

Are you sure you've been tested for this in the past? Most of the time, even when you ask to be tested for "everything", herpes tests aren't included in STD testing. Also, a lot of doctors won't include hsv1 results as "STD results" when going over your results, as it isn't really considered an STD.

Thanks Auntie Jessie, Yes I had gone back through my notes and have tested for this in the past. And thanks for speaking with me, I was able to stop freaking out about this.
The hsv1 IgG test misses 30% of infections, so it's possible a past test missed it.

I'm happy your calm now. :)
Auntie Jessie,
I am getting a few mixed messages: How long does it take for IgG antibodies to develop and show in blood. I am hearing 4-6 weeks or 3-6 months. 4-6 weeks for IgM and 3-6 months IgG.
Thank you for all of your help
Okay, so in theory, IgM - "new antibodies" develop first and will drop off by 4-6 weeks. The IgM test for herpes, though, is crap and shouldn't be used for anyone.

IgG antibodies can take up to 12 weeks, though 70% will develop them by 6 weeks, and many sooner. I tested positive at about 2 weeks. It never takes 6 months. The soonest I've seen is 10 days.

Remember here that you only had a risk, in theory, for hsv1, from oral sex, such as it was. You already have that. You can't get it again genitally. Literally, you have nothing to worry about here.
Thanks again. I  understand and my concern was spreading it to my partner who is negative. My doctor prescribed Valtrex but only a small amount (two days only) and he said without symptoms or outbreak it 1) I shouldn't have tested( which he doesn't recommend    2) It doesn't help much to take meds for something not seen yet.
The Valtrex for 2 days without an outbreak was ridiculous.

You can take Valtrex suppressively - every day - to help reduce the chances that you'll transmit to your partner. If your doctor won't treat it, you can get it from sites like GoRoman. I'm not a fan of lying, but when they ask why you want treatment, tell them you get frequent outbreaks.
Thanks, and I have spoken with Dr. HH and said this: "Asymptomatic viral shedding is uncommon for HSV1, either orally or genitally, and HSV1 is uncommonly transmitted in absence of an overt outbreak.", I believe I am most certain I acquired it from viral shedding.
Is that a direct quote from him? That's not totally true. Oral hsv1 shedding is not uncommon. Where did he say this? Most people get herpes when symptoms are not present.
Yes, that was a direct quote from HealthTap.
Well, I can't speak for him, nor can I read the question without having an account on healthtap. (And even then, I don't know if I can read it.)

We know it oral hsv1, because we know it transmits without symptoms. We have studies to prove it. How much it sheds depends on how long you've had it. You've probably had it a long time, so YOU may not be shedding a lot vs someone with a brand new oral infection.

We do know that genital hsv1 doesn't shed very much - that is true.

Just hang in there, okay?
Got it. And again, thank you so much for your answers and support. Very helpful.
You're very welcome. :)
Hello Auntie Jessi,

This is very weird and wanted to get some information. So, shortly after speaking with you I started Valtrex for about 10 days because of my high number and risk of spreading. I wanted to confirm my test results so I decided to test again for HSV-1 & 2, I know you said no need but wanted to be sure.  (a 1.5 months after getting off valtrex) I was thinking my numbers would be lower but it was "negative" normal. This was surprising. Should I test again due to this being a possible false negative? Do I have HSV-1?  Can Valtrex lower and remove the Igg Index? Now, I'm confused. Any help would be great, thanks. The last test I took was 90+ days from possible exposure.
The hsv1 IgG misses 30% of infections, so it's possible that's what happened. Are you sure it was an IgG and not an IgM?

You said you'd tested positive for it in the past, correct?

Valtrex isn't going to lower your index value, or make you less contagious (you need to take it daily for that).

Once you have hsv1, you have it. I'm not sure why you are trying to do this, but 3.7 billion people in the world have hsv1. You aren't alone, or rare, or anything.

The index value also doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean you have more herpes or are more contagious or anything else you might be thinking. The test doesn't even have a true 0.0 test result to it. No one gets a zero on it.

The only thing I can suggest is making sure your test was an IgG, maybe testing again with another IgG, and if there are still conflicts, you can get a Western Blot test.
Yes, the only time I tested positive for HSV-1 was 2 months ago, other than it the other 4 over the past few years have always been negative/normal. They were all IgG tests.
And the reason why I tested again because lab said to be conclusive test 90 days after exposure.
Oh okay - you said you had tested for it in the past, and I assumed you meant you had tested positive for it in the past.

The only thing I can suggest is taking a western blot test. The hsv1 IgG test isn't all that reliable - it misses 30% of infections - so it's hard to know if it's missed past infections or if you had some kind of testing error.

If you are getting these tests from your doctor, they can order the western blot. If you don't have a doctor, you can get it done from Terri Warren at the Westover Heights site, but it's expensive (several hundred dollars). https://westoverheights.com/getting-a-herpes-western-blot/

You did not get hsv1 from the encounter at the movie.

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