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Scared for Family

Ok, well this has all hit me so fast, I am a woman, 8 days ago I started developing lesions in the genital area, mainly in the rectum area, I went to a walk in clinic three days later and found out just a day ago that it is HSV, the information on whether it is 1 or 2 has not come back. But I don't know how long I have had this, my last sexual encounter was more than a month ago, and I have been traveling with family since. I have several questions, 1. could I have given this to any of my family while traveling? Such as sharing towels accidentally or through anything else? 2. I also have been dealing with eczema for a few years now, especially on my hands, could I have infected myself on my hands from washing? How would I know, what can I do to prevent further spread? Will this now have to be my fear for the rest of my life, looking for HSV all over my body? 3. I have always wanted a family and kids, will I eventually infect my family and kids one day? I have read some articles of people who have had HSV 2 most of their lives and had kids who were not infected but several years later they develop it, is there any way that I could pass this on to them, if not how can I prevent this? Please help, I am also a college student who has a gynecologist in another town but can't make it back for a few days to ask these questions. I am so scared and don't want to talk to anyone here about this.
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Hi, how were you diagnosed with herpes, swab of the sores or a blood test?
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They did a swab, which came back first positive and I also had blood testing done but it has not come back yet.
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They did a swab, which came back first positive and I also had blood testing done but it has not come back yet.
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