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Is a primary outbreak likely to happen on the scrotum? Singular pimple appeared on the underneath of the scrotum . It didn’t look like a blister or ulcer. It was painful. I popped it and white/yellow stuff came out. It felt much better and was gone within a few days. 7 weeks later, another pimple slightly different place on scrotum. Again I was able to pop and felt better. Did not look like blister or ulcer again. Couple days later another pimple appeared on the scrotum. Looked the same as the others. I can’t see any hairs clearly coming out of them.
I have never had pimples down there before and definitely haven’t had any other sores on penis
What else could this be ?
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You could get an outbreak there - you can get outbreaks anywhere in the boxer shorts area, but what you describe doesn't sound like herpes.

It could be pimples, or infected hair follicles. The next time you get one, don't pop it, and let a doctor see it. They can pop it and test it, both for herpes and bacteria. I'd be very surprised if it's herpes.
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