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Second Opinion

I just wanted to know if I should be worried and get a second opinion or I'm just very paranoid and causing more problems mentally!..

I have been with my bf for 8 years monogamous.. neither of us had symptoms ever.. but never tested. on 6/17, I had a sexual encounter.. no actual intercourse with someone else who said was clean of disease and had no sores or any symptoms of anything ever.. he has only been with 2 other women in the last five years... my bf, I believe is monogamous.. this guys  penis tip rubbed around my vagina maybe 2x's for  a minute probably less both times other than that don't remember genitals touching but if there was wouldn't be much.

I leave on vacation to hot climate.. swam in a lake and shaved down there etc.. I get back on the 6/25 with no symptoms.. on sat 6/27 I notice a pea size bump on top part of labia on outside close to my bikini line... I search my parts and see no other bumps... I take an antibiotic on sat and on sunday for abyss tooth... I  wake up Monday with burning throughout my vagina.. my labia and my inner thighs..  I check my parts and see another small red bump now on the inside of my labia minora ... no itching anywhere but everything is on fire.. on 7/1, I start monistat.. as I also checked my newly acquired bump and it has not changed... monistat cleared me up 80%..the pain in thighs started subsiding.. labia vagina.. all redness going away and pain subsiding.. I forget my monistat when I go away for the 4th. That Saturday 7/4.. I'm back on fire everywhere both my inner thighs are on fire.. between my genitals and my genitals.. Then Monday 7/6 I go to the STD clinic to have the 1st bump looked at.. she said it wasn't herpes.. was infected hair.. did a pelvic exam and I assumed looked for other issues... didn't mention the other bump.. took cultures and did have yeast infection. I check my parts out that night and now I have a bump inside my vagina.. not to far in but you really have to pull all the parts to see it. I assume she should have seen that when she was inserting that thing for the pelvic exam. I told her my concern about contracting herpes from that 6/17 encounter and she dismissed it. She said everything is related to the yeast infection and/or a bacterial infection on my skin from the lake. I felt like she took none of my symptoms serious but reading everything I've read on herpes I am still worried.

I had sinusitis probably from flying as soon as I got back my ears plugged up so my head doesn't feel right.. didn't have a temperature. checked daily.. no sore throat.. those bumps down there don't itch or burn.. don't look like blisters..

Should I believe what she said or get a second opinion. I'm probably making everything mentally worse by thinking about it to the point can barely function.
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Hi, yes believe what she told you, none of what you mention suggest herpes and your affair would certainly be almost a complete zero risk for contacting it.
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Thanks so much for the piece of mind!
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