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Seems infected by hsv after visiting massage parlour

2months back, visited massage parlour and had only massage, denied HJ when therapist asked.

After two days had mild fever and gone within three days but I started worrying about hiv infection since, and went through stress and anxiety.

I know, STD/hiv spread through hand/touching(place is very shady, and might therapist purposely wanted to infect me)but I have pimples in my shoulders which was not bleeding but may possible enough to spread to hiv. So kept worrying til day as am in still window period.

With extreme anxiety, full STD check at 28days, all came nagative but igg hsb2 nearly close to border line but I didn't have on in past and consultant told it's within index so no worry.

But every week, I got feeling of ars symptoms and continues till today like tingling chins, neck, hissing sound in left ear(don't is possible cause of infection/ sever depression)

For piece of mind, again took hiv elfa and herpes igg and igm test at 56th day (8th week).

Got the result for igg with measurement in ru/ml both hsv 1 & 2 negative range.

But for igm, they represent value in index like 0.8 ~ 1.0, but I'm hsv 1 crossess positive value with 1.23 where 1.10 borderline.

Anyone any idea about measurements in ru/ml & index range? & Whats the difference. Both are Elisa tests.

Yet to receive results for hsv 2 & ru/ml value for both hsv1 &2

Can someone help understand did I got infection from massage?

I do remember had water in parlor without mouth touching the glass.

But I also suspect, if therepist spit her saliva on my shoulder where pimple are present.

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Any suggestions?
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Nothing you did or had done put you at risk for any STD or HIV.

The herpes IgM is a terribly unreliable test, and shouldn't have been done on you, as an adult. It's really only useful for newborns. Ignore it. Act like you didn't have it done. It's that unreliable. My own was negative when it should have been positive, and positive when it should have been negative.

No one, except the true evil people, wants to purposefully infect anyone with an STD, and assuming someone wants to infect you is irrational thinking.

The only way you'd get an STD is if you did one of the following:

Your mouth on someone's genitals, or someone's mouth on yours - think oral sex

Your genitals in contact with someone else's genitals, unclothed, with rubbing, grinding or penetration

Your genitals in contact with someone else's anus, or someone else's genitals in contact with your anus, unclothed, with rubbing, grinding or penetration

None of these things happened. If it were this easy to get an STD, every single person would have one.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have not done anything mentioned and also don't have gf ever.

After visiting massage parlor only, I got fever in two days and settled with tablet. Then due to std anxiety i started getting ars like symptoms each one on every week. And now currently suffering with hissing sound in one ear(tinnittus) and random tingling in neck area and chin area not sure severe depression may cause all of this. And I still cannot come out of this mental & physical I'll feeling since visit.

At 28th day(4th week), here is my hsv result from STD panel.(Elisa)

HSV 1 igg 0.72
HSV 2igg 0.87 where 0.9 is border line

While IgM HSV 1 0.38 & HSv2 0.17

At  55 th day,(8th week)
HSV 1 IGG 03 ru/ml
Hsv 2 IGG 2.10ru/ml
If value >= 22 consider positive

HSv1 igm 1.23 POS.   cutoff => 1.10 pos
Hsv 2 igm 0.64

Above two tests done at two different labs.

Considering difference in igm between above lab tested, may be seroconverting eventually hsv 2 can cross broder line. What's your opinion on this?

Also do you have any idea whats difference in ru/ml and index method?

I understand, expert don't recommend igm but I got positive and can be linked with my symtoms (lymph tingling, ear Ringing). Not sure what to believe ND thinking to take WB test.

Do you think ear ringing can be caused by HSV? In your personal experience did anyone developed tinnitus due to hsv?
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Forgot to mention other symptoms
Weight loss
Hair loss
High BP
Within same week, gum pain and random chin skin pain(inside) , now subsided
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There is no STD that is going to give you weight loss, hair loss or high BP, or ear ringing.

The ru/ml depends on where you're located and what lab does the testing. The important thing is the ranges.

You aren't seroconverting for anything, at least from this encounter, because you had no risk. Your IgM is useless, and is a very low positive anyway. If it were reliable, I'd bet it's a false positive. Since it isn't, we're ignoring it.

You don't need to take a WB test for anything. You had no exposures.

If you take nothing else away from this, hear this:

You had NO STD or HIV risk.

You don't need testing.

The IgM is a waste of time and energy.

If you have high BP, follow up with your doctor.

Talk to your doctor about your anxiety. Your mental health is as important as your physical risk.

Again - you had no risk, and need no testing.
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Thanks for detailed information on questions asked.

Lastly, for understanding purpose have below queries.

I read on some medical website that hsv1 can be possibly spread via sharing drinking water, utinsils (tea cup/glass) and towel /bed as well since hsv 1 can live/survive outside from a day to few weeks but hsv 2 cannot live outside. - do you have any opinion on this and found anyone infected this way from your experience?
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No - where did you read that hsv1 can live longer than hsv2? That's not true.

You shouldn't share utensils/cups/etc., but that's because colds and flus transmit this way very easily. Fungus like yeast and jock itch, etc,., can be shared if using someone else's towels.

If things like hsv1 were spread by sharing a bed, then parents would have infected their kids, siblings who had to share a bed would have infected each other, etc. This is not true.

You get oral hsv1 by kissing someone who has it. You get genital hsv1 from receiving oral sex from someone who has it. You can give someone genital hsv1 by performing oral sex on them if you have it.

That's it.

Over half the adult population has it. Most have been infected as children by well meaning adults who kiss them and had no idea that they had hsv1.

Don't make this more than it is.

No one wants herpes, but you don't need to fear it like you are. Stop researching on sites that don't have correct info, and live your life. Get help for your obvious anxiety (and I say that with compassion - it must be exhausting, and you deserve to find peace).

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