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Should I be worried?

So, I had sex with a girl I was dating back in February. About 2 days after the last time we had sex (protected) I began to feel dryness in my perineum area, right in between the fold/crease of my thigh and groin on both sides. I developed a mild rash and my skin began to peel a bit. As time went on I developed a few “hair bumps” around the rash that were white, when I popped them or pulled the hair there was no fluid. Everything went away after about two weeks and now it has come back about two weeks ago. I treated it with anti fungal cream as I thought it was a jock itch but i went to the dermatologist and they tested some of the skin cells from the rash and it showed no fungus. They said it was probably just dermatitis and gave me hydrocortisone cream. It’s getting better but I’m still concerned that it may be herpes. I also just tested negative for hsv2 igg. This has only been about 7 weeks from that exposure. Should I be worried? I know it is recommend to test a little later than that sometimes.
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Can anyone please respond
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It doesn't sound like herpes. I would have thought fungal, too, with the peeling skin, but dermatitis is another likely possibility.

A herpes outbreak wouldn't last that long, and your 7 week test is a really good indicator that you didn't get herpes. (Most people test positive by 6 weeks, so while your test isn't 100% conclusive, it's not that likely to change.)
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Thank you! You’ve really calmed me a bit. Does herpes always have fluid and is where my rash is a common herpes site? I’ve read so much on different websites and it’s different everywhere. This really confused and worried me.
Herpes lesions are usually fragile and you wouldn’t have to pop them.  The area of which your rash occurred is also extremely unlikely to be a primary outbreak location from herpes. You can relax
@feelingundone thank you for your reply! I know a lot of this has to probably just be anxiety. This situation has been confusing and frustrating with finding all kinds of information. Is it possible to have herpes rash and no blister?
No, you'd have blisters.

Nothing about this indicates herpes. I don't know how else we can say that. Continue to work with your doctor if your symptoms linger.
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