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Should I get the IgG test?

I had protected vaginal and performed unprotected oral sex on a guy once (he didn't cum). At 13 weeks after exposure I tested clean for all STDs. I decided to wait to get the IgG type specific tests for both HSV I & II at 16 weeks, just to be sure. But I've been reading too many stories about false positives and now I'm very worried about this. I know the most reliable test is the Western Blot, but I've been searching and I don't think I can get it here (Mexico). Should I still get the IgG tests even when it isn't possible to confirm with a Western Blot?

I suffer from health anxiety so I won't be able to have peace of mind until I have some answers. The few pimples in my thighs and buttocks just make it worse, but they don't hurt and they don't look like herpes to me. I guess I just want some advice and support please :(
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Without symptoms of concern related to herpes, it is not recommended you obtain testing. There is no real reason to believe that you have a genital infection from the episode you describe.

If you wish to learn your status, then obtain the IgG test. There are false positives in about 5% of tests, but you will be able to exmaine the results and assess whether you believe this has occurred.
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Hi. I tested negative for both HSV I & II at 16 weeks post exposure. Is this conclusive?
It was the IgG type specific tests.
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Thank you so much. I will post the results if I do obtain the tests.
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