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Should I have western blot??

I've had same 2 partners for 5 years. I've always tested negative for hsv 2, and positive for hsv 1. This year my doctor ordered hsv igm testing (terrible, I know)! The igm test was positive for hsv 1 with a titer of 1.40, and positive for hsv 2 with a titer of 1.20. The cutoff for positive was 1.20. My hsv 2 igg has been negative at weeks 6,8,11, and 16. My doctor still seems to think that I can seroconvert and may be positive. I've never had symptoms, aside from recurrent yeast infections this year. No sores/blisters and no burning. I'm not sure if I should take a western blot test or not? I think if I were really positive, my tests would've at least been equivocal at this point. Any advice? Has anyone ever had positive western blot after 16 weeks of negative igg tests?
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I think your doctor is an idiot.

The IgM, as you know, is terrible. You should ignore it entirely.

Your IgG tests are conclusive at 16 weeks. You are negative for hsv2. Go with that. I'm not sure why you were testing in the first place, but I don't think you need any further testing, and you should ignore the IgM. It's a low positive, and many are positive when they should be negative, or vice versa. (My own were like this.)

You've had no symptoms, and recurrent yeast infections can be caused by so many things - birth control, antibiotics, wearing underwear with synthetic fabrics, certain soaps, douching, re-infection from a partner, the way the wind blows or planets align, etc., etc.

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I tested just at my yearly check up, and due to start of new relationship. I'd never heard of igm testing prior to this frustrating incident! I even bought questions with Terri Warren and she seems to push for western blot, since igg isn't conclusive and only 92% accurate. It's been a VERY stressful 4 months!
After your 16 week IgG, Terri is suggesting a WB for you? Do you have a link to your question to her? I'm really interested to see why she is suggesting that.
She basically said my results aren't conclusive because igg testing misses 8% of hsv 2. WB is the gold standard. I always thought WB was confirmatory. I've never had positive nor equivocal result, so I didn't think it was necessary.
I'm kind of surprised at that.

You've had no symptoms, a negative IgG test at 16 weeks.

Is this your question? https://westoverheights.com/forum/question/test-result-confusion/

I don't think she's recommending that you get a WB, just letting you know that the IgG isn't perfect. It's up to you if you want to take the WB. Personally, I wouldn't, but that's a personal choice.
Thanks for your interpretation!
You're welcome.

I should note that if you were higher risk (higher number of partners, had a known herpes+ partner, had symptoms or something similar), I might suggest you get a WB. Given your specific circumstances, I see no reason for you to worry.
I've been thinking of every possible symptom (bv in july, yeast infections 3 or 4 times this year), but I haven't noticed a bump/blister/discharge. Hopefully, all is well!
I also want to know if you've ever heard of anyone being negative on the herpeselect test at 16 weeks, but positive on the western blot?
I haven't ever heard of anyone. I've been working in this field since the mid 1990s, and on this site since 2008, and haven't ever heard of it.

It's more likely to happen with hsv1, I'd imagine, since that misses 30% of infections, but since so many people have hsv1, a lot of people don't care as much.

Have you been officially diagnosed with yeast and BV, though testing? I ask for a couple of reasons - BV and yeast can be mistaken for each other easily, and treating yourself can make things worse if you are treating for the wrong thing, and because some people say their herpes symptoms feel like yeast infections, with itching.

Were you testing for herpes as part of routine testing or because you had these symptoms happening?
I tested as routine testing. I had sex with partner A on 1/1/19. I had yeast infection, self treated in feb. Sex with partner b in April, yeast infection 1 week later. Partner A again June 1st. Partner B a week later. Few days later yeast symptoms again, and self treated. My doctor couldn't get me in until first week of July, and turns out I had bv. I had my annual exam in May, and doctor said my cervix was friable but pap returned as normal. After the bv diagnosis in July was treated with antibiotics, I've not experienced any other vaginal issues. I haven't had sex since the June encounters, as I'm trying to sort everything out!
I should also mention the yeast symptoms were itching, and general discomfort. No burning or major discharge.
It's possible that you either had BV the whole time, or that all the yeast treatments caused the BV.

You may already know this, but the vagina has a VERY delicate balance of good and bad bacteria. If it tips one way, you can get BV. If it tips the other way, you get yeast. Treating for yeast when you have BV can make the BV worse, and vice versa.

Since the BV treatment cleared it all up, I wouldn't worry that your symptoms were actually herpes being mistaken as something else.

I don't see any reason for you to keep testing for herpes. If you had blisters, or a known exposure to someone who has herpes, I might say differently.
The timing/coincidence of everything has caused a lot of stress/anxiety! I feel a bit better being negative 4 times, but I'm still considering the WB to be more sure. Thanks for your responses!
I don't blame you. The IgM adds confusion to a lot of people, and given the timing, I understand why you're considering it. If you get it, let me know what happens. :)
I spoke to a clinician at the univ. of Washington virology center yesterday. He says I don't need the western blot based on 4 negative tests and no "outbreaks." Just thought I'd let you know!
Congratulations! I'm really happy for you confused2019. This thing is no joke, I hope I can say (type) the same thing next week. One more week of waiting.
It's very frustrating! I never thought about herpes until my idiot doctor ordered an igm test. I've always been hsv 2 negative and I haven't changed partners. I may do 1 more test at 20 weeks, but it seems that I was just a victim of false positive igm.
I really don't think you need it, from what Terri said unless if I didn't read it right. The igg test is good at 12 weeks, anything after that will not change unless there is a new exposure. I asked auntijessi on my post. Hopefully she can clarify that but again, I think 12 weeks based on what Terri said is conclusive.
Confused, that's great. I don't think you need a 20 week test, either. 16 weeks is conclusive, but the majority of people will test positive by 6 weeks. If you don't already have hsv1, 12 weeks is probably fine. (People with hsv1 can sometimes take a little longer to seroconvert, but even still, the vast majority will seroconvert by 6 weeks.)
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