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Should I re-test

I need advice on whether I should come to terms with a recent diagnosis or if I should request further testing through the WB or Biokit.

I have never shown symptoms of herpes. I have had sex with two partners. I always used protection with one partner, but the other was a long-term relationship and said he was tested for STD's and was STD free so we didn't use protection. I was tested about 4 weeks ago for HSV 1 & 2 (3 months after last possible exposure)

IGG results were Type 1- .96 and Type 2 1.94.

Then one week ago I was re-tested at a different lab but with the same ELISA test. The results were Type 1- Negative (.32)  and Type 2- positive 3.5.

I know 3.5 is about the cut off for the "grey area" of low- positives that the WB helps to clear-up. I was wondering if its worth it to go through acquiring and completing and paying for the WB or if my chances of having come back "negative" are too low to justify this. I would like to get the WB to feel sure, but at the same time I don't want to prolong my hopefulness just to get this painful news again.

Additionally, if I have never had symptoms, and make sure to pay attention to any new symptoms, and avoid sex during this time, and start taking anti-virals... how safe is "digital play". As a female I am scared for the risk of passing herpes to the fingers of my partner through this type of play, even if i'm asymptomatic.

Thank you so much to anyone who takes the time to respond. I am a young student and this news is really derailing me.
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If possible you could ask the two partners to ensure they have had the same IgG test that you have had. This is often not included in testing for STDs. If one of them has HSV-2 then the chances of this being a false positive are low.

Equally if they are truly negative and you see the test results then you of course are probably negative.

A WB would be of assistance and you could take the outcome as the reality.
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I have contacted them (past partners). Neither of them had been tested previously b/c neither had showed symptoms :/

both are getting tested. I do trust both of them to disclose honest results to me without me needing physically seeing the results.

I will wait for their results until I make a decision about the WB.

If one of their tests is positive for type 2 should I not get the WB, or could there be a chance of a false positive still?

Ugh, I am just starting a new and promising relationship (the reason for the testing) and this news is making me scared to ever engage in any sort of intimate relationship. I do not want to ever spread this virus to anyone else, and even with condoms and antiviral meds for suppression I know the risk of transmission isn't zero. I can't even begin think about the complications with transmission with conception at this point.

Any advice on how to reconcile with these feelings?
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If one of the partners has HSV2 then one more commercial test will tell you what to do next.

When you say it was three months until they drew your blood from the contact with the last partner, can you check this and be more precise?

I feel that last partner is a possibility. If that person is positive then I would suggest your next test may well be a firm positive (>3.5) and you'd need to assume infection.

If either partner has HSV2 and the next commercial test is a low positive 3.5 or under then go the WB.

If neither partner is positive and you have a low positive then you could consider that you are not infected with HSV2.
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As a question related to this, which may be important relevance to this thread, for the WB, do you have to abstain from sexual contact for 4 months prior to getting the WB? Or is it just that a period of 4 months should have passed since the possible initial exposure/contraction? This is of course to assist in determining whether the IgG result was a false positive.
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I just want to say I share in your concern and wish you the best. I also had a monogamous relationship that recently ended and so far have only had activity with one other partner and am feeling out if this may be something I had wanted to pursue... but now this might get in the way and I'd rather be able to be as knowledgeable about it as I can, like yourself.
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