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Singular bump on my lip

Was showering and I notice my upper side lip where lip touches was swollen and felt uncomfortable. When i checked in the mirror. It had a white head. There's no cluster. I assume it has burst from me licking it due to discomfort. I googled my symtom and cold sore keeps popping up. Does herpes always show up in a cluster? Or like a pimple just by itself. It's like an open wound now. And I'm freaking out. Had my last encounter a month ago. Didn't gave her oral but we kissed. Hope to get a reply. In really freaking out.  
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It sounds like a pimple. Of course if you google it herpes is going to pop up. It’s hard to say if it always shows up in clusters for everyone. But for me it show up in really small bump inside of a pea size base that eventually combines into one clear pus filled blister.
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