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Slight pain in the tip of my penis

So basically today mainly but for about 2 minutes yesterday also; I have had a slight stinging in the tip of my penis
and I'm kinda worried but it could also just be nothing

the reason I'm worried is because I had unprotected sex with a friend about 2 weeks ago however they said they where clean but I'd rather get professional opinion on this before going and confronting it if it does turn that incorrect

the reason I'm not so worried is cause with reluctance I admit that I've masturbated about 6/7 times in the last 3 days, which is way above normal even for me; who also admitedly does this a fair amount (never that high though)
so my reasoning is that it would simply be that I've been doing that way to much and my body is basically saying stop you're hurting me

But I've not seen anything that is a definitive yes masturbating too much can cause pain in the penis other than people asking similar questions to me normally the answer section will be filled with sarcastic answers

either way I'm gonna cut back on it but some advice on this would be massively appreciated
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Hi, symptoms of std,s like gono are a white penis discharge and burning while urinating. Herpes would be blister type sores the show up in the first week on average. What your describing is most likly from masturbating.
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