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So Confused- Please help

After having unprotected sex with a partner (Nov 9 2019) he told me that he might or might not have herpes.  Truth be told I think he does why else would he bring it up?

December 24th I had an IGG blood test done to see if I was a carrier.  Test came back negative.

December 27th I was going to the OB for other reasons, when I saw three pink patches on the inside of my labia. My doctor was unsure what it was and said it could be herpes.  She did a culture (PCR/DNA) and sent it to the lab.  In the mean time she put me on valtrex just in case.  The sores cleared in 2 days were not painful and never oozed or crusted or scabbed.  

The lab failed to run my test right away (waited 5 days) because they weren't sure my doctor refrigerated the sample. My doctor had, and then the lab ran my culture.  Came back negative.  

Here are my questions:

Was my negative blood test done too soon after exposure?
Would I come up negative, then get an outbreak two days later?
Did the lab take too long to run my sample (5 days) giving me a false negative?

The doctor said I had a yeast infection and gave me meds for that.  I had nerve pain during this whole experience.... my toe had raw pain shooting from it. I had some tingling in the genital area but wasn't sure if it's herpes or yeast.  I was tired and achy.  I've heard that valtrex is a heavy drug and can cause muscle aches etc.

I guess at this point I need to get retested.  I'm so emotionally drained and scared.  Getting two negative results has been good news but after seeing those patches on my lady parts I can't help but think I have HSV2.  Any guidance is much appreciated!  Thank you!
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Thank you for the info.  Also- if I was testing positive 10 years ago or so for HSV1....then I wouldn't have just picked this up genitally, right?

Once infected with HSV1 I wouldn't get it from a partner if he had it on his penis during intercourse, because I already have the virus right? Or could I be infected gentially after having it already (presumably orally)?
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It would be really, really unusual for you to get it again genitally after having it orally.

Genital hsv1 rarely transmits genital to genital. It just doesn't recur enough or shed enough to do this.

Most likely, you got infected orally and genitally at the same time.

You may never know exactly when or how that happened.  

I really wish I had definitive and specific answers for you, or ways to tell you to find out when and how you got this. We just can't do that. :(
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No, if someone with oral hsv1 performs oral on you, they won't be at risk.

However, generally speaking, people won't be at any real risk from sexual contact with you anyway. Ghsv1 doesn't shed often, doesn't recur frequently, which means it doesn't usually transmit.

Shedding rates: (and you can find all this in the herpes handbook - https://westoverheights.com/herpes/the-updated-herpes-handbook/)

HSV 2 genital 15-30% of days evaluated

HSV 1 genital 3-5% of days evaluated
HSV 1 oral 25% of days evaluated

HSV 2 oral 1% of days evaluated

We also know now that if you've had ghsv1 for more than 2 years, you are probably shedding about 4 days a year.

So for transmission rates. We don't know the exact transmission rates for ghsv1, but here are the rates for ghsv2, and if your math is better than mine, maybe you can extrapolate some figures.

Ghsv2 transmission, female to male, over the course of a year, assuming sex 2-3 times a week:

Only avoiding sex during an outbreak - 4-5%

Adding condoms OR daily suppression - 2-3%

Adding condoms AND daily suppression - 1-2%

Herpes generally doesn't go from the genitals to the mouth like it does from the mouth to the genitals. It's not to say it can't happen, but it's pretty rare.

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I tested positive for HSV1 about 10 years ago after my marriage.  I wasn't tested prior to that so not sure of my status.  My ex husband used to get cold sores so I assume I got it from him...

If someone with oral HSV1 performs oral on me they won't be at risk, right?

I'm not fighting any illnesses that I know of. I guess underlying stress of everything... but I wasn't feeling run down when this started.

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Hi Auntie Jessi - I got my PCR results back and it turns out that the sores were positive for HSV1.  

I have tested positive for years for HSV 1, never having a cold sore, never having a genital outbreak (that I know of)

I am confused about my diagnosis - can you clarify some things for me?

Obviously a blood test is not site specific...  

But my outbreak coming 20 years after infection is just plain crazy to me!  I have a full on outbreak in the works. Body aches, muscle soreness, sores,  headache you name it.  

Could this be that I just obtained HSV1 genitally now?  I think I saw somewhere that once you have it you can't get it in another spot.  Is this accurate?  Or is it more likely that I have had HSV1 all this time genitally never having a known outbreak?

If no- I have had it for years genitally and never have known.  

I have read that herpes1 genital outbreaks are typically less severe than HSV2 outbreaks. Can you give me some info on that
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How long is years that you have been testing positive - like adult years?

It's possible that you got infected as an adult both orally and genitally at the same time and never knew it. It's possible you are getting a big bad outbreak now because because you have stress, or another infection like yeast or BV.

It's very, very unlikely that you'd have a new infection of hsv1. Even if you got hsv2, it would be really unlikely for you to have a big, bad outbreak of that because you have hsv1 antibodies that would help keep that in check.

Are you sure you aren't fighting another illness? Covid?

Yes, typically hsv1 genital outbreaks are less severe. It's "typical" though - lots of things can cause our body to go awry.

The site is about to go down for maintenance, so I want to get this up in case you get email notices for it.
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Even though it doesn't matter where I got it at this point-

Do you think it is more likely that I got this from the protected encounter on December 4- as the first time I had lesions was Dec 27? Even though they were pink patches and went away?

Or do you think I got this from my partner that most certain has it- November 9/10 unprotected and came up negative on the blood test twice:  12/24, and then february 7?

Its just all so weird that NO antibodies showed on the test.  Or is that due to the fact that the test is only 92% accurate as you mentioned?
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I can't answer questions as if you have it. We don't know that. If you do have it, you might never know unless one tests positive and the other tests negative.

Go relax. It's the weekend! That's what I'm doing. :)
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From the start means from time of infection (or time of symptoms) till the time you tested. That can sometimes prevent your body from making antibodies. That doesn't apply to you.

Even factoring in your hsv1 status, the 6 week test is 70% accurate.

I'm super happy to hear you are seeing your therapist, and thank you for your kind words. :)

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ah I see thanks for clarifying!  wishing you all the best!
is there somewhere we can post pics for evaluation?
Hi auntiejessi!  I got my blood test results (12 1/2 weeks past concerned exposure.  Negative Index was reported. YAY!  Do you think I can count on this being my final test?  I had a protected encounter in December and I am now 9 weeks past that exposure.  Do you think I should retest 12 weeks past that encounter?  I am feeling super hopeful that I could put this past me, it's been a roller coaster ride!
Nope, I think you can be done. You don't even know if he has it for sure - he doesn't even know, so I really think you can move on from this and not worry any longer. :)

The 9 week exposure was protected, and I would even worry about that one.

Best of luck to you! :)
Aunt Jessi I need you advice again. After 12 weeks post my unprotected exposure- my test was negative.  Fast forward to two days ago... I end up having some anal pain. I've had hemorrhoids before so I didn't think much of it. After wiping a few times I was in a lot of pain and decided I should check it out.  Turns out that I had a pink patch near the perineum.  I also notice a pimple like bump on the inside of my butt check.  I decided to take an epsom salt bath to sooth the sore spot.  I work up today and looked at the effected areas, and now the skin at the perineum is broken and raw.  The pimple like spot has a dark center with a large area of redness surrounding it.  I feel a fair amount of pain.

I went to the DR to have it looked at and she said it looks like herpes. She say some other areas that showed vaginal cuts and redness. She also said that there were a few areas that showed white blisters- still in tact.  She said that might not be herpes as herpes is typically clear blisters.

I am so confused and upset. I have a negative swap test on lesions for 12/27, which healed in a  matter of days (while on valtrex) with no crusting and never presented blisters.  Also I have a negative egg blood test and 6 and 12 weeks.  

Is it possible that I am now experiencing my second outbreak (maybe the one in december was an outbreak not yeast)  Wouldn't there have been SOME antibodies on the test at 6 or 12 weeks?

Maybe I contracted this from the time I had protected sex with a partner December 4- making the test on Feb 8 really only 8 weeks past exposure.

Either way= shouldn't there have been some anitbodies shown?  The OB said that she thinks its herpes but it could be something else.  I'm crushed and confused.

Please shed some light on this for me. The doctors don't seem to know much. I'm waiting on culture.
Your tests - are they all type specific IgG tests?

Even by 6 weeks, 70% will show positive, so I'd be really surprised if this is herpes.

Lots of docs see irritation and think herpes first, even though there are dozens of other possibilities for causes for that. Don't panic. As you said, doctors don't seem to know much.

I'd be very surprised if this is herpes. Did they test you for anything else, like yeast?

Thanks for your reply.  She gave me a pap and tested for yeast. I don't have any of the normal yeast symptoms though no discharge or anything.  I really thought the issue at the perineum, from wiping. That area looks like an open wound that she said she thought looked like herpes.  I also had vaginal cuts and some areas with little white blisters. She said that could be from something else.

The spot that looks like a pimple on the inside of my butt check now has a really irritated red /purple area around it. Dr said it looks like there could be blisters in the center of it. It's really hard for me to see all this...so ...

I guess I am wondering why I would have that weird spot on the inside of my but cheek. That area really has me freaking out!  I guess I could be one of the 30% that didn't seroconvert?  I do have HSV 1.... I am just so confused after two blood tests negative for HSV 2 and a PCR.  GRRRR. I'm freaking out.
And yes the tests are IGG specific
Good, they are IgG type specific.

Herpes visual diagnoses are wrong a lot. Try not to get too caught up in that. I know it's not easy, but even the most experienced STD specialist can misdiagnose visually.

I'm not I'm understanding about the 30% not seroconverting part. The HSV1 IgG test misses 30% of infections, but that's an issue with the test, not the person taking the test. The HSV2 IgG misses 8% of infections, but again, that's a problem with the test, not the test taker.

If those people take a BioKit or Western Blot test, they will test positive on those tests if they have either hsv1 or hsv2, or both.

You've also done a PCR swab, so it would be really unlikely that the swab AND the test missed it. The PCR swab is really sensitive and can find herpes while it's shedding without symptoms. If you did the PCR with symptoms, it would find it.

If your culture comes back negative, see if your doc will do the Western Blot test. I don't think you need it, but I think it may be the only thing that puts your mind at ease now, and allows you to move on. It should be done 12 weeks after your most recent exposure.

Let me know about your culture when you get it back.
Maybe I was one of the 8% not found in the IGG test. Now I looked and see lots of tiny blisters- they are very small and in the folds of my skin.  I am a bit sore in those areas.  I am so bummed. I thought this was behind me.  As for the PCR test I took in December- they swabbed it the first day I had symptoms.  The lab lost my sample and a bunch of things happened. They finally ran it and said it was negative.  the doctor I was seeing at the time was a mess too.... So I already doubted the credibility of the test.

Seeing these areas that are pink with little cuts and blisters doesn't leave me hopeful at all.  I can say with certainty that I have herpes.  What else could it be?  Yeast doesn't present this way
No, you can't say that with certainty. It could be yeast - it causes all kinds of skin irritation. Are you using anything for yeast treatment? You could be having a reaction to that.

Yes, you could be one of the 8%. Ask your doctor for a Western Blot if this current culture is negative.

And hang in there. We won't have any answers until the culture comes back. You still don't know any more than you did yesterday.

And stop looking at and checking out your skin. Let it heal. If you can, get some Dermoplast with the blue cap on it. Make sure it's the blue cap, because the red one has antibiotics on it. It's a numbing spray and safe to use genitally. You can get it at most any drug store for under $10.
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Aunt Jessie- So Im replying here as my other thread was closed.... I went to get my thigh checked doctor didn't swab anything the red bumps weren't there anymore but the nerve pain still is.  Doctor checked me for any other potential issues- outbreak- and I looked fine.  I did get the news that my pap came back with HPV strain 18.  Doctor is scheduling biopsy for next week.  Wish I could catch a break.


It's not closed?

Anyway, as I said, and I think Terri said, taking Valtrex for a week at 6 weeks wouldn't affect anything. The only time it could affect something is if you were on it from the start, and on it continually.

I'm glad that whatever the bumps were, they're gone. That means it's not herpes. Herpes sores last a week, not just a day or so.

Nerve pain from herpes - which isn't all that common - happens after an outbreak, which you haven't had for sure, and isn't localized to one spot.

I understand why this has messed with your mind - your ex was a jerk who wasn't upfront with you, and has acted like an ass when you've tried talking to him about it, and won't test. That doesn't change the science behind it, though. The chances that you got it are so low, and your symptoms don't sound like herpes. Your 6 week test is a really good sign that you didn't get it.

I also understand just needing a freaking break. I'm going through my own medical stuff, and it feels like every test is showing new and different crap. It's frustrating and scary. You're going to be okay, though. Don't hesitate to reach out for help, either. Therapy is an awesome thing.

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when you say on valtrex from the start what time frame are you referencing?  Just trying to better understand. my concern for the valtrex was that I took it for a week , and I'm also HSV1 so I was worried that the six week test might not be accurate.  Thanks for all of your reassurance!  I appreciate you!  I hope that you find the answers you need regarding your health issues and that you are happy and well always.  I've been seeing my therapist regularly to help process all of this- and you have been an amazing resource and supportive confidant.  Thank you thank you thank you!
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I would also like to add that my partner's ex girlfriend is HSV positive.
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Did he ever tested or had a diagnosis ?
He hasn't been tested and has made several comments that make me feel he's positive.  He said that he is on suppressive meds "just in case" and hasn't had time to get tested.  He's not trust worthy.  I can't go on anything he presents to be true.
Dear Infoplease,

I know you feel I have been and currently am in the situation of testing and waiting. Let's say he is positive, why hasn't he tested? If he had a girlfriend who was positive it does not mean that he himself has it. Let's go over your records:

From your last exposure to your . to the test if I am not mistaken it's about 6 weeks. Which that gives you 70% that you are negative. Most outbreaks start around 4.5 days, 7 days, 14 days, tops 20. You are out of that area having this patches at 6 weeks could suggest something else.
If you are positive for hsv1 (cold sores) it could make  hsv 2 more mild compared to people who have no previous hsv.
Which means if you are looking you could notice something like blisters or anomalies in your genital area.
If he was to be hsv 2 positive him being on ativirals and having no outbreaks makes it really difficult to transmit hsv 2.
How long did you take the antivirals from. That could affect your results lets say 6 weeks from now. I am not really acquainted with the culture test. Relax, that's the best advice I can give you anxiety is terrible friend you want.

Personal suggestion since I am not a doctor just a person in the same boat.
Try to get your boyfriend tested but he would have to stop taking the antiviral medicine.
Keep an eye of anything that comes up in your genital area, if something different that was not before check it out by a doctor.
If it was only 1 there is a 1/1000 chances that you catch it.
Depending on how long you took the valtrex add that time to the 6 weeks for a hsv test.

You are not alone in this, distract yourself, go out, work out, watch a movie. Really keep us posted on how your doing.


Thanks for your input.  Here's some more info on my situation. My  partner (now ex) disclosed that he had been exposed to HSV2 and had unprotected sex with his ex while she had HSV2.  He said he was tested about a year ago but hadn't been tested recently.  I was on valtrex for about a week before I had the outbreak as I had really bad burning on my lips with cracking and knowing i had possibly been exposed, my doctor put me on valtrex then did an oral swab which came back negative.

Fast forward I end up getting three read patches in my labia majora they swabbed and then sent them off for PCR culture. This came back negative, as did my blood test.  Both tests were conducted while i had been on valtrex for one week.  

I was diagnosed with a yeast infection and am hoping that these "sores" which cleared in three days without blisters, and without crusting or scabs were just really bad irritation from the yeast.  The doctor said she didn't know what it was and it could be herpes.  

I am doubting the results of the negative PCR test as they lost the sample at the lab and the sample was not run for 5 days....

I'm really confused and my ex partner is no help. He won't get tested.  He said that he would butt keeps putting it off.  When I told him I had a possible outbreak he said that if I "came up clean" I would never want to sleep with him again. I told him everything he says suggests that he has herpes.  Who sleeps with someone and then while holding them after sex that they could've been exposed to herpes. He's a douche.  
He started antivirals (supposedly) after we slept together and broke up.
In this case let's not count on him for anyhelp. The valtrex  might, might not have affected your results .  On some people it does and the again on others it doesn't. If you took it for one week. Theoretically your test is only 5 weeks accurate, and  you stopped the Valtrex. after 1 week you would have to wait another week. so lets say now its the 18th. That is a 8 week from exposure. I would say take another test in 4 weeks and make it a call.

Have you ever been testes before for both? As well did you test for hsv 1?
I agree that he isn't trustworthy, because he isn't taking your health seriously.

However, he probably doesn't see herpes as a big deal (it usually isn't), and knows that the chances of him getting hsv2 from a female are really low, especially if she takes daily valtrex. (If she takes meds, and they don't use condoms, it's about 1-2% a year. If they just avoid sex when she has symptoms, it's about 4-5% a year.) It sounds like he didn't care to ever find out if he had it.

That's all well and good for him while he was with her, but not when he's with someone else.

In any case, a few pinkish patches that clear up so quickly doesn't sound like herpes.

As eagles said, the timing of your symptoms doesn't make a lot of sense for herpes, and by 6 weeks, about 70% will test positive on the IgG.

I understand why you're worrying about herpes, but since you tested positive for yeast, it makes sense that your symptoms were caused by that.

So hang in there. And I'm glad he's your ex. Herpes doesn't make someone a bad partner, but not allowing you to make informed choices about your health does.
Thank you so much for your reply.  I also had a protected encounter on 12/4- should I be concerned that this encounter could have caused this outbreak?  

I had body aches and tingling a week before I had this outbreak. During that time I was on valtrex for what my doctor thought was an oral herpes outbreak.  Would that delay the occurrence of lesions? Or make them heal faster or not blister?

Where would nerve pain be located during an outbreak typically?  Had some really strong nerve pain in one of my toes- of all places.  Also had some shooting pains near the pelvis.

And agreed on my "ex" i stopped seeing him immediately.  I met someone that seems really amazing.  I am hoping that I don't have to have "the talk" with him. Fingers crossed.
You didn't have an outbreak - you were diagnosed with yeast, right?

You are assuming that you have herpes. You might not.

And you should have "the talk" with your new partner. That should happen in every relationship. You might not have to tell him that you have genital herpes, but you should be talking about testing, STD history, oral hsv1, etc., with your partners. Your health matters, as does the health of your partner. If he hasn't tested since his last partner, he should test before you become intimate. If he's amazing, he'll respect you for bringing this up.

How long were you on Valtrex? Did your doc culture the sore on your mouth?
I was tested on december 24th 6 weeks past exposure- test negative. Then I had some sort of outbreak vaginally on the 27th.  there were three red patches inside my vulva.  

The doctor swabbed it for PCR but the lab lost it and there were issues with the sample making me doubt the results and thinking it's a false negative.  

I was on valtrex for 5 days before I had the outbreak gentially. My oral swab came back negative.  Then on the 27th when I had the vaginal symptoms I was on valtrex for a week twice a day.  I had no other sores noticed or present.  I was tired, with muscle aches and symptoms.  I don't know if it was induced by  extreme stress, the medicine (which seems to make me tired) to if I in fact had an outbreak due to herpes.

During this time I was also diagnosed for yeast, had polyps found in my cervix, and a bartholin cyst burst. I have BEEN THROUGH IT these past few months!  

When I mentioned the "talk" i mean I hope I don't end up being positive....  he seems pretty amazing so far and I really like him.  He's completely opposite from my last partner.
Red patches with no blisters or paper like cuts aren't likely to be herpes.

Even if your ex had herpes, the chances that you'd get it from him are pretty low.

The transmission rates for hsv2, male to female, over the course of a year, assuming sex 2-3 times a week:

Only avoiding sex during an outbreak - 8-10%

Adding condoms OR daily suppression - 4-5%

Adding condoms AND daily suppression - 2-3%

He was on Valtrex, correct?

So over the course of a year, there'd only be a 4-5% chance that you'd get it. That's a 95-96% chance that you wouldn't get it.

In any case, all you can do now is wait. Id say your 6 week test is fine, but if you want to test again at 12 weeks, you will get a more conclusive result. If it were me, I wouldn't worry about it and would go with the 6 week test. Your protected encounter - was that with him as well, or someone else? In any case, I wouldn't worry about that either.
the only reason I am concerned and wanting to retest is that I had the potential outbreak and while the lab said it was negative they lost the results, making me think that with the mishandling their could have been a false negative.  My other concern was that it was an outbreak that was aborted from me taking the valtrex.  That the red patches were presenting themselves to blister later but it was circumvented from the valtrex.  Is that possible?

My ex partner was not on antivirals and didn't know his status but spoke like he gave me the virus when I told him about my outbreak.  

Terri Warren mentioned that you don't build antibodies until AFTER an outbreak so that I have a 30% chance that I could be positive if what I experienced was in fact a herpetic outbreak.  What are your thoughts on that?  Sounds like you think this was yeast and not herpes. I hope so!

The protected encounter was with a different partner.  I've been so flipping stressed about all of this.  I've had scares in the past but this one- I had all the body aches and feeling of the flu making me concerned I may in fact have herpes. I will be getting a blood test in a week to find out.  Thank you so much for your help, advise, and support.  You are amazing!
The immune system will pick up infection once someone was infected not after an outbreak. It will identify the foreign pathogen right away and start creating the antibodies. I had a similar question for Terri Warren and this was the answer from her. Maybe you mis interpreted her response. Just think of the people who are asymptomatic that go to test positive while never having outbreaks. I'd assume antibodies will skyrocket in those who do develop outbreaks days after exposure  and that's where they get the 12 to 16 weeks from. Positive swab to positive igg  or western blot. I too had a scare and swore I contracted it from a pos hsv2 female. 15 months later and still negative hsv2 also negative on western blot. Just hang in there and swab anything of concern. Or test at 16 weeks. Trust the science and Drs. Especially Terri Warren.
I agree with Tontonic, and Terri Warren.

You being on Valtrex wouldn't have affected the IgG, which was negative. You weren't on Valtrex at that time, right?

I understand there are questions about the culture and how the lab handled it, and that's adding to your anxiety. Every lab I know of won't run a test where the sample is in question, but I understand why you're nervous about that. I might be, too. I also understand why you think that Valtrex might have somehow prevented those symptoms from getting bigger - but I'm confused. Were you on it when you got the symptoms, and then got the symptoms, or did you get the symptoms, and then took the Valtrex?

Because of all the confusion, all you can do is wait. I know that sucks. I get it. You can question all the what ifs, and speculate, but all you can do is wait to test at 12 or 16 weeks.

A Tontonic really knows your anxiety. Listen to what they have to say. :)
Oops - that's *And Tontonic really knows...
This was her comment:   With new infection, it is a given that you would have an outbreak before having antibody. A test done at 6 weeks post exposure with a concerning encounter will pick up 70% of infections. But I thought you also had a more recent encounter than that.  

I was confused by this as I know people get the virus with no outbreaks or symptoms and build antibodies.  As for the valtrex i was on it for a possible oral infection..... I stopped taking it and three days later found vaginal lesions the doctor thought might be herpes.  

They did the swab.... then the lab reported five days later they had not run the test as they weren't sure my doctor refrigerated the sample.  My doctor said they did ( i have concerns because this drs office is a circus) and then the results came back negative.  

After the lesions presented themselves, I started the valtrex twice a day and the sores were gone in three days with no blistering /scabbing.... they went from red irritated patches that looked like raw skin - to poof.  nothing.  

Weird scary stuff.... especially with the way the whole thing went down with my expartner.  I was concerned but taking it in stride until I had the lesions.  The blood test result was run on december 24.  Came back negative....then the same day I got those results I had the lesions.  Tired of this roller coaster ride!
I'm adding your new question and my response here, to keep it all in one place:

drying myself in the shower today and ended up with some nerve pain.  Little pink pumps are there almost in a line.  Does this sound like something that would present itself as herpes 2?  I know it can be in the boxer short area- this is- it's basically right where a short short would end a few inches lower than my buttow on my thigh. It hurrrrts!


It could be, of course, but there are also literally dozens of other things it could be. The bumps being in a line suggests it isn't herpes, but the only way to know is to go get it checked out. The sooner you go, the better, as it will be easier to diagnose before it starts to heal.

Go get it cultured or PCR swabbed TODAY.

And let's keep all your questions to one thread to make it easier for readers (like me) to keep up with everything.
I just read your questions in Terri's forum.

She is telling you exactly what I'm telling you. Your 6 week test is about 70% accurate. Your patch symptoms are not likely to be herpes, but do sound like yeast. If you want to test again, you should test at 12 weeks. She is not considering your condom-protected encounter a risk.

Get these bumps swabbed today. I doubt that it's herpes.

Oh and she also said that PCR swabs are very stable, so your negative PCR swabs should be considered reliable.
I took the test at 6 weeks and was negative but had been taking valtrex for a week- how would that impact my results?

The only reason I was thinking the PCR is unreliable is because the lab wasn't sure the sample was refrigerated. I'm taking my twelve week blood test today. I'm done with this stress. I'm scared out of my mind but need to get this behind me.  

The nerve pain I am experiencing today is localized- it feels  like it's a spot that should be a bruise but when I push down on it it's straight nerve pain. Thanks for your reply!  I hope it's nothing worse- has me looking up stuff online and that's never any good.  Mentioned cancer and HIV.  my gawd.
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