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4 days ago I had sex with my partner on the 5 day I woke up with discharge coming out my penis so I masturbated and then went to urinate no burning or stinging what so ever. The next day I'm still having discharge and a little burning and stinging me and my partner are both dease free. Should I be scared and worried what can it be?
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Oh and I forgot to add we both dont have Gonorrhea/Chlamydia/or NGU we showed each other paperwork. And today 4/27/2019 the burning sensation and stinging are getting less and less
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Did you receive oral sex? You can get NGU from normal mouth bacteria. Discharge is always a good reason to get it checked, and not wait to see if it gets better.

There are other things that can cause discharge - prostatitis, urinary tract infection, irritation, urethritis, etc., so it's a good idea to get it checked.
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I did not receive oral
That's the thing
I just got back from the dr and everything came back negative but my symptoms are getting better
Did they do a urine test to look for white blood cells? Check for a UTI?

Yes they did and I'm 100% back to normal no more symptoms
Perhaps it was just something that irritated your urethra. If it comes back, get into the doc and have them culture the discharge. For now, I wouldn't worry.
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