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Stressed over risky encounters

In the past 3 months I've been seeing CSWs for protected vaginal sex but unprotected oral sex (I am a male, receiving) and ejaculating in their mouths, I noted no visible sores on their mouth or ulcers/lesions. There were no cuts on my penis as far as I can remember.

My last risky encounter is Aug 16th, and on Aug 26th, I felt a very itchy sensation on my penis, after I scratched it, my foreskin (I am uncircumcised) became very swollen. Due to fear and anxiety, my first reaction was to wash it with a highly basic soap, and my foreskin area became more swollen and dry. After that, I used a non-soap, balanced PH wash to wash my penis and went to sleep. The next day, the swelling went away and I felt no pain or itching from my penis.

About a day after, everything was normal except I felt occasional tingling on my penis, I thought it was normal, as I had felt it before (before I ever had any exposures or after I started having them). However, due to water outage in the place I am living, I did not take a shower for 2 days and I begin to feel a burning/itching sensation on the glans penis area and my foreskin (same foreskin area that was swollen on Aug 26th).

About a day ago, I see that the rim part of my penis (bottom of the glans penis) was a little red, and I felt occasional slight pain in that area and occasional pain (very minimal) on my right testicle. At night, I checked it again, I saw a red dot/mark on the same area of my penis (rim/bottom of the glans area). I feel really guilty, so I've decided to stop all risk exposures in the future and I hope is not too late. I am going to see a doctor after the weekend and will ask for an STD screening.

My question is, is this Herpes? or other types of STDs?  And how long should I wait to get tested for Herpes? Do my symptoms sound like genital herpes at all?
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Bump, please need some insights!
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