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Swab culture?

Hello there. I woke up this morning with unusual pain in my nether regions. I was curious and looked at myself in a mirror and noticed a little ulcer type thing that had a little fluid coming out.

I'm planning on going to the doctor tomorrow to get a swab test for it.  I already have an established oral hsv1 infection.  I haven't had sex in almost a year and last month i got tested for everything including herpes. I was only positive for hsv1. I had the IgG type specific done.  

My question is will tomorrow be too late for a swab test?
Also how likely is it that i auto-inoculated myself?

Thanks in advance.
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From my understanding hsv1 dosent like the genitals but it is possible. Also if you can test for it your body has bilt up a defense and you wont spred it anywhere on your own body. If you had no sexual con tact for 6 month and got tested for hsv 1 & 2  and it came back negative you can take that as true. Im not a dr. Thoe and im olney telling you what I know from doing my own research about the various. Testing is alaways best.
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Would a culture test be too late if i take it tomorrow? Cause i wont be able to make it to the doctors until then.
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I dont thank it would be to late. As the tests are sensitive and herpes is contagious as longe as sores are present.
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Thank you very much
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Testing is the most accurate within 48 hours ....

It would be very rare for you to have hsv1 in the gential area if you already have a long term in oral.  

Others may have more knowledge but that's what I read on this forum and also on the doctor's forum too.  

Sometimes to ulcers or sores maybe due to yeast or some other situation but getting them swabbed is the most immediate step.  

God bless and good luck,S
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I did not know this.( 48 hours) I am sorry and hope im not giving wrong information out that is the last thaing that I want to do.
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So l looked at this very hard and read some research papers from companies that perform the test for dr clinics. Fals positive are not common 99% accurate if you test positive. Fals negative how ever is 90% accurate fit you get the test done in 2-3 days it gos down from there to 60% accurate when it stops weeping and is in scab stage. You have to catch the virus a live and keep it alive to grow it. When in weeping stage it is reproducing as soon as it stops reproducing the virus dies quickley. So yes you do have a time limit and the sooner the better  I am sorry I have given false information.
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Thank you very much guys. I'm getting it checked out today. I hope i'm not too late.
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If you tested negative a few months back then the sore would not be herpes related. Swabs are only good for showing a positive. I would rely on the blood test otherwise every time you have a genital sore would think its herpes.
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Yeah i was negative for hsv 2. But positive for hsv 1.
My doctor said that it only looked like 'irritation' and that there was nothing to swab.

I guess i should just shrug this off then?
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I am happy for you. Thank god !!!
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