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Symptoms that never go away?


I'm reaching out to the community to shed some light on my experience.  About 14 months ago, I received unprotected oral sex from a woman who insists she had no STD's, inlcuding HSV1. Only a few short hours later, I woke up to a burning sensation around the entirety of my gentials.  I went to the doctor who performed a standard STD panel, which all came back negative.  

After a few weeks to a month (I think), I developed some small "line" looking marks on the left side of my shaft.  I've been worried that these are the "paper cut" manifestation of Herpes, but I'm not sure that it's possible to have these "paper cuts" appear a few weeks after contact, and never go away afterwards? Like I said, it's been almost 15 months since exposure.

I showed these marks to my doctor shortly after they appeared, and he didn't think it was an STD.  He perscribed a topical cream and an oral steroid, which had little effect (I think the cream just rubbed off with my underwear).  I've tried a few 3 day yeast infection treatments, but they didn't help either.  The marks themselves occasionally sting or itch, but not consistently.  There is also significant redness on my scrotum on the same side (left side) as the marks appear on my penis shaft.

Can anybody offer some guidance here? I've asked my doctor repeatedly if he thinks it's herpes, but he insists that he's seen enough cases of Herpes as this isn't one.  I'm concerned because I'm entering a relationship with a woman which may result in unprotected sex in the future, and I don't want to pass something along to her.

Thanks for your help.
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Hi, i would agree with your doctor that this is not herpes. Herpes lesions do go away in about 2 weeks not stay for a year. If your concerned theres an easy answer and that to have a blood test and have the sores swabbed.
Thanks for the quick response.  If I'm being honest, I'm really scared to get one for obvious reasons. I've gone to the doctor with the intention of getting the test, and he's talked me out of it by saying there's no chance it's herpes. Any thoughts?
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Not  to test because of that latest concern but because many people have oral  hsv1 from childhood and we are now finding out the oral hsv1 can be passed to someones genital area and its called genital hsv1. Based on a study that estimates upward of 65% of the adult population would test positive, you and her might already have it so testing would be advised.
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I'm fairly confident that I do not have HSV1 orally, as I've never had a cold sore. At this point, I think my doctor just thinks I'm a hypochondriac who's obsessively checking his genitals for signs of a problem. I'm just hoping that since the symptoms have been non-stop for so long that it's unlikely to be herpes.  

It's worth mentioning that I've engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse (briefly, never full) with several women over the past year, and none have had any problems.  I hope this is another signal that it is not HSV
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