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Tested Positive on IgG, negative on IgM for HSV 2

My question is this, my healthcare person (nurse I'm guessing) called me and informed me that my test results me that I do not have HSV 2, but I was exposed to some strain of herpes sometime in my life such as canker/cold sores.  When I was a kid, I did have cold sores..  But over all my health care person told me I was good to go.  Based on experience in here, is this true? I scheduled another doc appointment to have a sit down with my PCM and have them explain this better. But that doesn't happen til later this month.

21 Jan, positive IGG
29 Jan, Negative IGM
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Hi, we dont use igm and we will need to see your test report for the igg you took to make sure its not a false positive. The way this is being explained to you is not correct. The word exposed is not correct. Either a person has herpes or they dont. Most likely its hsv1 oral from childhood.
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I am questioning this also.  However, I have researched the unreliability of IgM tests being used.  Most of what I find is that it is being used to try and determine age of the infection and tests for recent outbreaks.  But does it detect the HSV 2 virus at all?  I'm married and my wife's tests came back negative.  My IgM test came back < 0.91, my IgG test simply states positive on my printout.
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Igm picks up other proteins associated with other forms of herpes like chicken pox and such. Also with igm its believed it show up in the begining infection then dissabpears. There many reason not to use it. The age of the infection is detected by swab and blood. A positive swab and a negative blood means recent and both being positive is old.
Just find out the test numbers involved with the igg you had.
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I'm asyptomatic.  But I will try and find out the numbers for the IgG test.
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