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Hi! I have genital herpes (HSV1), and so far my outbreaks have only been in the anal region, right around the anus. I have never gotten any lesions or strange sensations on my penis. My question is, despite never having lesions on my penis, is it possible to still spread the herpes via my penis? Or can the virus only be spread through my anal region since that is the location where the lesions present themselves? I just received this diagnosis am not sure exactly what to disclose to future partners. If the only chance of spreading the virus is from skin-skin contact with my anus, do I still need to tell partners if we engage in sexual activities that dont involve my anal region? I have asked this question to several physicians and have got conflicting answers. Thank you so much!
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You will still shed the virus from your penis even though your outbreak was on your anus. The virus sheds from the genital tract and the thin skin of the penis and anus.
The good news is that HSV1 genitally sheds infrequently and outbreaks may be very infrequent. I don’t think the top HSV experts (Hunter Handsfield, Terri Warren) would tell you different. Plus, with HSV1 being a very common virus, if someone already has it (orally or genitally), it is highly unlikely they would get the virus in a new location.
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