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If I do down on a woman with hsv 1 and I have also been diagnosed with hsv 1, both years ago, is it possible to be  transmitted to my tongue or lips?  I have read contradictory articles on it.  Some say you build up antibodies after the initial infection that prevent you from getting it again.  Others say you can reinfected in different areas.  Can anyone clear that up for me?

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If you already have hsv1, you have antibodies that protect you from getting it again. Do you have it orally? You definitely can't get it again in the same location.

If you have it genitally, I might still not expose myself orally to anyone with visible outbreaks, because it's most infectious then, but you should be fine. Avoid exposures to open sores - you don't really know what's causing them.

Also, herpes doesn't go from the genitals to the mouth as easily as it does from the mouth to the genitals.

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I am actually guessing I have ghsv1.  The reason is that every Igg test i have gotten has come back negative.  10-12 tests over the past 10 years all negative.  The first time I had an outbreak, it was visually diagnosed by my doctor.  Blood test negative.  But my girlfriend's blood test came back positive for hsv1.  So I assumed I had ghsv1.  A couple years ago, I had a pimple like thing on my upper pubic area.  I had it swabbed and it came back positive but of course that doesn't tell you type.  So here we are.  I'm just trying to figure out if I can provide oral sex to her without getting sores on my mouth and lips.
FYI... the visual diagnosis was a rash on my upper pubic area.  Couple of pimples.
The next time you get symptoms, get into your doctor or an urgent care within 24-48 hours of it appearing and get it type-specific cultured. The culture can tell you what type if your doctor orders it correctly. Since the hsv1 IgG misses 30% of infections, my guess is that it's missing your hsv1 infection, and you can get that confirmed with a culture (same thing as a swab).

Ultimately, it probably won't make much difference in the end to confirm it. The hsv2 IgG only misses 8%. You could also get a Western Blot test, if your doctor will order one. You can get one through Terri Warren - https://westoverheights.com/getting-a-herpes-western-blot/ - but you'll have to self-pay and it's expensive. (This is assuming you're in the US. She can work with some other countries, but it is more difficult.)
Thank you so much.  I will follow your advice.  However, i have not had much in the way of symptoms in a long time.  So in the meantime, if I don't see any visual symptoms on her or assuming she is not having an outbreak, would you say that it is unlikely I would end up with herpes on my lips or mouth if I do go down on her?
Yes, getting oral herpes from giving oral sex is rare. I wouldn't do it if symptoms are present on the genitals, but otherwise, it should be fine.
Thank you!  Much appreciated.

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