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Transmitting Genital Herpes1 to a person's mouth during oral sex

I recently contracted genital herpes 1 through oral sex 3 months ago from an infected partner. I was unaware that they had oral herpes. However, I have met a wonderful guy and who would like to date me but he has never came in contact with any herpes virus at all.

He has expressed multiple times that he would like to perform oral sex on me but I tend to evade the comment. I have not had sex with him yet, but I am concerned about his safety.

Can he get oral herpes 1 from performing oral sex on me seeing that I have genital herpes 1?

I have searched the forums for this answer to my question but all I came across was oral to genital herpes. I already know that genital to genital transmission is rare, but what about the fact that I am infected..can I give him oral herpes through oral sex.

I would really appreciate anyone that can help me in this dilemma.

Thanks in advance.
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Did you swab positive for HSV1?

This partner may well have HSV1, the majority of people do. Unless he has tested negative, you have no way of knowing.

The odds of transmission are very low and would not exceed 1 in 10,000 if you are not having an outbreak.
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Yes I am positive for HSV1 genitally. My partner tested negative for both HSV1 and HSV2.
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Then there is a minimal risk each encounter. I have never heard of genital to oral transmission of HSV1. The odds will be very low.

Your partner is far more likely to become infected orally or genitally from a female partner with oral HSV1 - and that's the majority of women.
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Thank you so much for your advice. I really appreciate it.

Not sure if this changes anything, but my doctor has not prescribed any suppressive therapy medication for my condition. This means that I have never nor am I taking medication for genital HSV1.

With that being said, can he still catch HSV1 one in the mouth if he performs oral sex on me without me taking medication?

I'm just concerned because he has a young toddler and I would not want to give him this infection to put him or his child at risk.

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You do not need medication for a HSV1 infection unless you are suffering from regular bad cold sores.

Infection can occur with or without antivirals. There really is minimal tangible benefit from the cost and side effects for an already low chance of transmission.

Remember that your partner's child is at much more risk from grandparents, aunts and uncles etc. with oral HSV1. Your genital HSV1 infection is well, well down the list of concerns.
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Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your prompt responses and thanks for helping me understand this matter.
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