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Trying to understand my HSV1 and HSV2 Tests

Hi everyone,

I went and got tested for STDs at the request of a recent girl I was dating, before we started having sex without condoms.

I have never had a cold sore anywhere or a genital herpes outbreak. It sounds pretty painful, from what I’ve read.

I got my tests back from LabCorp and was VERY surprised at the results for HSV1 and HSV2.

HSV1 - 29.8 on IgG w/Rfx
HSV2 - 1.34 on IgG

It also says HSV supplemental test is positive but doesn’t give any details as to what test it is or what it’s referring to? They only took my blood, nothing else (no swab).

I have read the other posts about this and have seen others say that unless you’re above a 3.5, there is a high chance of a false positive, especially the closer you are to 1.1.

My HSV1 test is off the charts (literally), so I seem to fit in that group of people with HSV1 who might have an inaccurate HSV2 test result.

Trying to understand my next steps to resolve this to understand if I have it or not. Both my parents have it and are very supportive and understanding of it (regardless of if I have it), but I need to know for the future women I date.

I was thinking of abstaining from sex for a couple months and doing another bl
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Yes, it's true that this is very likely a false positive. The supplemental test is really unclear. I haven't seen any indication for what it is - maybe another IgG, maybe not - but that test seems to have no reliability or predictive value for your actual herpes status.

For both of you in Florida, you can either contact your doctors, if you have one, and ask for a Western Blot. Lots of doctors aren't even aware of this test, so you'll have to do some education.

You can also go through Terri Warren on the Westover Heights site. She will order the test for you, and then you go to a local lab (she uses AnyLabTestNow, which has locations around Tampa and other places in central Florida. She does know of labs in other cities, so if you're in Jax or Miami or something, she may have resources for you.


It will cost a lot of money - into the several hundred dollars. It's a perfectly reasonable choice to view this as a false positive and move on. TampaBay2021, I don't know how you and your girlfriend feel about that option, that's something you'll have to work out together.

LopezQuartz - if you have specific questions about your tests (or anything), you should start your own thread so I can help you specifically. :)
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It's pretty clear that with that index value, you do have HSV-1. That's nothing, 70% of the world's population has it. The value is not "off the charts" really. Looks like a normal value for people that has had the infection. Maybe you've never had a mouth sore, or maybe you confused them with canker sores, something I did as well until I saw my HSV-1 results and made sense.
As for the HSV-2, you're right, the closer it is to 1.1, the higher the chance of it being a false positive. The University of Washington states that false positives is somewhat common when the values fall under 3.5, especially if you have HSV-1 (like you do).
Are you in Florida? let me know if you get to do a Western Bloat and how because I'm in the same boat and are trying to get one as well
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Another blood test. Was also looking at the Western Blot test. I was unsure of next steps to resolve and wanted input from the community. Thank you! (Last message posted prematurely)
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