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Unprotected sex with herpes positive person.

Is it safe to have unprotected sex with a man or woman who has not had an outbreak for over 10 years? Thanks
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I answered this in your other post from July - https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Herpes/Performing-oral-sex-on-herpes-positive-people/show/3065409

If by safe, you mean you will not get herpes, then no. It is still possible to get herpes from someone who has herpes eve if they haven't had an outbreak for years. The likelihood of this depends on which type they have, and if they don't know, they should test. A simple type specific IgG blood test can tell them.

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This is actually not the same question I asked previously. It’s a totally different question. I was asking about performing oral sex in the previous question. This question is how safe is it to have unprotected intercourse with someone who has herpes, but doesn’t have outbreaks.
Now I’m confused. I thought I was clear on the answer you gave about performing oral sex back in July. Back then you said it’s very unlikely to contract herpes from performing oral sex. Now you’re saying something different. Will you please clarify.
Oral sex - mouth to genitals - and sex are different things. I'm referring to actual penis-in-vagina or penis-in-anus penetration today, not oral sex.

In my other answer, on July 14, I said, "If someone has genital hsv1, it's already not in it's preferred site, so it isn't shedding a lot, recurring a lot, meaning it rarely, if ever, transmits without symptoms.  If someone has ghsv2, it's quite possible to transmit to someone else during genital to genital or genital to anal sex without symptoms being present because of site preference, but not oral sex."

As far as performing oral sex on a person who has herpes, what if the person has ghsv2 on their genitals? If they aren’t having an outbreak, is it also considered relatively safe to perform oral sex on this person. Thanks
Yes. Same theory - herpes doesn't like to go from the genitals to the mouth.

Oral hsv2 is rare. It can happen, but it's rare that it does. Avoiding oral sex when the person has an outbreak is really all you should need to do.
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