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WB bloodtest from hongkong

Hi My Dear friends,

   I had 2 exposures about 92 days ago. Unprotected oral and protected vagina sex. After 13 days my urethra feels very painful and crawling feel. 10 more days later, there were red rashes all around my penis head. They were gone after 2 days. For the next whole month, my urethra opening was red and swelling.
   I did 5 blood tests from week 6:
Test 1: week 6  hsv 1&2 igm igg both negative.
Test 2: week 7  hsv 1&2 igm igg both negative.
Test 3: week 9  hsv 1&2 igm igg both negative.
Test 4(eclia Roche): week 11 hsv 2 igg negative. Test remarks:"since the igg response to the gG antigen maybe undetected for up to six months post onset"
Test 5: week 13(87 days) hsv 1&2 igg both negative. Test 5 is a Western blot test made by a Local hong kong lab. They told me the do the WB test themselves, and it is not a difficult one.

I have been so anxious for almost one month, here are my questions:
1, I was freak out by my test 4 remarks, is that true? (i mean "Undectedted for up to six months")
2, Is WB test only being made in US, do you guys know any other lab outside US offer WB test?
3, How do you think if I am infected or not?should I do more test?

Many thx to all
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I don't think you are infected.

I don't know anything about a WB outside of the US. You'd have to find out what lab ran the test, etc.

However, it takes up to 4 months to develop antibodies, not 6. Your test 5 is absolutely conclusive.

I don't know what has caused your symptoms, but have you had any other testing done? Since herpes sores wouldn't disappear in 2 days, you need to further investigate this. Have you had testing done for gonorrhea, NGU/NSU? You are also at risk for syphilis from oral sex, though your symptoms don't sound like that.

You should also talk to your doctor about an infection in your prostate, which would be unrelated to your encounter.

You could also have a fungal infection, balanitis, or many other things. Has a doctor actually LOOKED at it? Examined you? You need to have an exam and other testing done. Herpes is not the cause of your symptoms.
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thank u so much for your reply~i ve been seeing three doctors. i took Levofloxacin, doxycycline n azitromycin for almost one month. The pain n crawling feel gone away, but the urethra open is still swelling red, and one place on penis head fluid…i tried several treatment but they didn't go away,then i started to think about GH, cause Herpes cause many untypical symptoms.
And last week i did my circumcision.

1, if it takes up to 4 months to develop iGG, how could my 5th 87days test be conclusive?
2, my 4th test remark says “for a early infection may test negative, since the igg response to the gG antigen maybe undetectable up to six month post onset.” Is this true? This remarks really scared me.
3, my doctor suggest me not to do a further test in case i get a false positive, what do you think?

Many thx to you all
I started taking medicine at week 4, and did full SDI test at 6,7,9,11 weeks, everything negative. Week 13 is just hsv2 igg test.
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Oh I'm sorry - I read that wrong. At 87 days/13 weeks, your test is about 92% accurate. Given that you used a condom, I'd expect your hsv2 to remain the same, and it's quite likely your hsv1 will as well.

2 - That's not true. It takes up to 4 months. Without having hsv1, you probably would have already tested positive if you had it.

3 - Absolutely, totally agree with your doctor. I don't think you need to test again. False positives happen, and they send people down a really bad road. I see no reason to think this is herpes at all.

You took a LOT of antibiotics for a long time. It's quite possible that you've developed a fungal infection from those. Talk to your doctor about it.

Continue to work with your doctors. I don't think this is an STI. Talk to them about the possibility of prostatitis. It can give you the symptoms you've had.

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I thank you so much~ I appreciate what you been doing here~
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