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Wanting to know what these HSV results mean..

I have had a test done for HSV recently and have had 4 different answers from healthcare professionals as far as what it actually means.. i have never had an outbreak that I'm aware of. Wanting to know if i have it and if it was a specific type test since there is no levels listednResults are as follows...

HSV-1 IgG Value= negative, reference range= positive

HSV-2 IgG Value= positive,  reference range= negative

HSV- 1/2 Combo Ab IgM Value=Reactive,  Reference range=negative

(Note) reactive, but not diagnostic. Confirmatory testing by IFA is required and has been ordered under test HSV Antibody, IgM, by IFA, serum.
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Yeah that’s weird, I don’t understand. Should have number values.
I agree. None of it has made sense and whenever I've asked about an index value, they said it doesn't have one. Doesnt give me a clue if it's a possible false positive considering I've never had symptoms.
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They don't all have numeric values. It depends on the type of test and the lab. Ask your doctor to contact the lab and see if there was a numeric value they didn't report, or if the testing they did was just a reactive/non-reactive. If it was the latter, ask for a type specific IgG like the Herpes Select that gives a numeric value.

And really, in 2018, they should be doing a test that provides this. It's important.
I have asked my doctor and they dismiss it. I've called the mayo clinic and they said my provider has to call. My doctor is basically saying you are positive and there is no further testing that needs to be done.

They told me that they performed the type select. She said I was confirmed positive by two tests, the igm and the igg. I reached out via email to the mayo clinic and they said this, Good morning,

We offer LHSVB/Herpes Simplex Virus, PCR on blood.   Below is the link for test information -


Question, what is latter?
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Can you go to an STD clinic or something and pay for your own testing? You can also try https://www.stdcheck.com/.

Ignore the IgM. That's an unreliable test and shouldn't be done on adults. And it's ridiculous that your doctor won't get you copies of the labs. By law, you are allowed to get copies of these.
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