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What could this be? I'm really scared...

On the night/early morning of Sunday July 6th 2008, I was the active partner in anal sex with a man. I used a condom and we both took showers before we started. But, I took an especially hot shower (pores were open) and was dripping with sweat throughout the experience. ***The whole experience lasted about an hour and just after it was over, I noticed several spots on my genitals that were red and slightly raised (very suspiciously).*** On my pubic area where the hair is just before my penis and on my scrotum close to my pubic area and beneath my testes between my sac and my anus. It did not hurt or itch. I had been putting iodine on all the irritations twice a day Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I noticed that one of the raised red spots had a white pimple on the top that I popped and put iodine on. Today is Wednesday July 9th 2008 and the red spots or irritations are becoming dry with dead skin flaking off. The most painful of these is beneath my scrotum under my testes where there is a very dry red spot with large dry skin flakes flaking off (The others itch very little, almost unnoticeable). I went to the doctor and he gave me Valtrex for herpes and doxycyline for any other bacterial infection, I am taking both as of this morning July 9th.
(Some other factors:
*On June 26th I shaved around my pubic area and as of July 6th, I still had some minor irritation or "shave burn" (little red bumps etc) when I had the sexual encounter.
*I did not kiss the man nor did I touch my mouth anywhere near his genitals or anywhere else on his body.
*I used my finger to put the lubricant in his anus
*I had direct contact with his body fluids and semen on my hands because he was not wearing a condom while I was penetrating him.)
What could this be and how could this irritation develop so quickly during the sexual encounter?
If this is genital herpes, will I spread anything from kissing?
Will I spread anything just by touching it with my hands and then touching something else, like a doorknob, and then somebody else touches the doorknob and gets the infection?
Can I spread this infection to other parts of my body if I touch my eyes or mouth after touching the infected area?
Can anyone get an infection so fast and could it be herpes???
I'm so scared... Please help me by analyzing the information I provided and answering the questions I ask. Please, help.
Thank you
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So did you actually have any testing done when you were seen by the doctor or did they just do a looksee and throw antibiotics and valtrex at you to hope that that covered it all?

Have you ever been tested for herpes before?  Do you know if your partner ever was?

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This only happened last Sunday and I have never had a sexual encounter like this one before (the first with a man). I had been tested before I and all tests came back negative. He is getting tested now... He did not have any outbreaks and he claims that he has not had any outbreaks before... I thought he was clean and so did he.
I have an appointment to get tested on July 17th...

Could this be herpes or just a fungal infection of some sort?
It is only just starting to itch today, July 10th, under my scrotum.
I read that I should watch for "crawling under the skin" type symptoms and I think I just started feeling that under my scrotum... Or maybe its just my fear of feeling that....

But if this is genital herpes, should I avoid kissing to aovid spreading it??? Can it even be spread via the mouth if that's what it is?
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Just be sure that you really were tested for herpes before - most clinics do not include it as part of their routine std testing.

This could be many things - if you weren't happy with the opinion of the doctor you saw so far - I'd go get another.  Spots that occur directly after sex aren't likely to be herpes- especially not a newly acquired herpes infection. It could be irritation, folliculitis etc too.

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Thank you so much for your answer. It really gives me hope.
It looks like this thing is starting to clear up as the skin is peeling off.
But the thing is, I have my girlfriend who knows about this and I want to kiss her but am afraid of getting her infected. Should I avoid any kind of kissing or sexual contact with her?
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no reason not to kiss her.   I'd find out what is going on down yonder before you resume sex though. Obviously something is going on , it's just a question of what.

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Thank you for helping with your educated answers, It really makes me more secur in this situation.
Yesterday, Thursday, July 10, I had an itchy spot on my arm. I started scratching it and a blister raised up similar to a mosquito bite (but I did not get biten) and it lasted there for about an hour or less. Today it is just a small rash of a red mark and is swollen and itches at the touch?
Could this symptom be related to something I should worry about in regards to everthing else I have described?
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OK, I went to an STD specialist and he looked at the rash an said it is not herpes or any kind of STD. the partner got tested and the results came back negative for HSV-2 and HIV etc... The Doctor said that I should go see a dermatologist. This thing is spreading and is becoming increasingly itchy. the skin seems to be peeling again on the red areas. I finished the anitbiotics and am still taking the valtrex, 1 gram / day, and there is no noticeable effect.
I have an appointment with the dermatologist tomarrow.

Do you have any ideas what this could be at this point?
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Grace is out of town, but I am here to help in her place.

I'd suspect an allergic reaction to something - maybe your soap?  It could also be fungal, and the antibiotics wouldn't have helped that at all, and could have made it worse.

If its an std, and its certainly not sounding like it, then its not from this encounter.  As Grace said, you wouldn't get symptoms nearly that fast.

If you continue your activities with men, use lube with a condom.  Put lube on the outside of your condom, and a drop of lube on the head of your penis before rolling the condom down can increase your sensation when wearing a condom.

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I went to the dermatologist who checked it out and said it is certainly not an STD and he also said that it's not a fungus. It's not an allergic reaction because I'm not allergic to any of those things.

So the dermatologist concluded that it is Psoriasis and gave me a corticosteroid cream called cutivate to put on the irritated area twice a day.

No one else in my family has Psoriasis as it is said to be a gentic condition and I have no other symptoms that are associated with the condition other than the itching, peeling, and redness on my pubic and genital area.

Does that sound right for this Psoriasis problem to suddenly occur like that within the hour of and after intercourse???
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