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What does 3.90 antibodies mean?

I was resently tested and the IgG came back with a 3.90 antibody count. But I have never had a break out. I asked the doctor what it meant. She said I have it, but then another doctor said " It only means that you have the antibodies, if you have a break out come back and see us so we can swab. Who should I believe? Please help
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3.90 means you do have "it".
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You asked about this in the other thread and I'll address it here. You are still within the area where false positives are a possibility so since you've had no obvious symptoms, you should confirm your results with an additional test like the WB for herpes or a biokit hsv2 igg blood test. If it hasn't been at least 4 months since you last had sex, you'll need to wait to get this additional testing.

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I have been in shock for a very long time. Really worried about the outcome of all of this. Was asked to come bvack to the doctor's office because the LAB LOST A TUBE OF BLOOD.Should I stop taking the Valtrex to get the other test done? What do you suggest. Thank you for all your help so far
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