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What is wrong with me?

Please help,

I think I probably have HSV 2, I had a sexual encounter with a prostitute 2 months ago. Inmediatly After, I regreted my decision. I decided to get a std panel test after 30 days.
The test came back with an IGG for HSV2 of 16.60 and an IGm of 2.30. Surely I got infected, or that's what I thought because I had no symptoms.
1 month after the last test I cut my pubic hair with a razor, 5 hours later I felt a really weird sensation and a rash with white pus pimples appeared, it burned and hurt a lot. I was shocked, and in denial. So, I had another test done, specifically for herpes 2, the test came back with a am IGG of 2.10 and a IGm of 3. 00. I thought it was a false negative so I had another test 3 days after for HSV 1 and HSV 2 (separate tests) . It was an Elisa test.  The test came back with an IGG for HSV 1 of 0.20 and for HSV 2 of 0.90.
What is happening? The rash is still there and it itchs and it hurts with touch. The pimples doesn't look a lot like the herpes pictures I've seen, the fluid is white and they are round and very small. Do I have herpes?
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I don't know what is happening, but you should see if your doctor can arrange a test called the Western Blot. It's a different type of test, and should help clear things up.

Stop doing the IgM tests, and disregard them - they are completely unreliable and shouldn't be done on adults.

Also ask your doctor if he/she can do a PCR swab on the sores that you have. They don't sound like herpes, but the PCR swab is really sensitive, and should be able to determine if they are herpes or not.

For more info on getting the Western Blot test, you can do so here - https://westoverheights.com/herpes/getting-a-western-blot/
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