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Will other partners be positive if my herpes simplex virus 2 was dormant?

I just got results back last week saying that I tested positive with genital herpes (HSV-2). I had three test done. One was a culture (but no symptoms was showing at the time of the swab) which came back negative, then I had a PCR blood test which specifically tested for the virus which came back negative, and then I had an antibody test on my blood which came back positive. My doctor ruled that I have the virus because I have the symptoms and the antibody test came back positive. Unfortunately I agree with her and believe that I do have it which sucks.

My question now is how did I get it? Who did it come from? Did I have it dormant for a long time and possibly passed it to others without knowing? So here is a hypothetical scenario that I would like to run by you guys. Lets say I got HSV-2 5 years ago and it has been dormant for 4.5 years with no symptoms (the 0.5 years is the first sight of a symptom). Now could I have passed this along to someone during those prior 4.5 years through viral shedding (which goes unnoticed) or because it was dormant it means that all of the partners I had during those 4.5 years will be clean on all test (culture, blood, antibody)? This will really help with finding a time line when I got exposed to it even though it is really hard to do. I have asked some previous partners to get the antibody blood test done (one reaching back to 2 years) to see if they will come out positive or negative. Just trying to figure out if I got the recently or in the past.

Oh and my last question. I have done my research and I am still trying to figure out if my HSV-2 can only come from someone who has HSV-2 or if it could have come from someone who has HSV-1 and then changed to HSV-2 when it was exposed to the genital region.

Thanks in advance.
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PCR for blood testing for herpes is of little use except in very particular circumstances. It should not be used for routine testing for herpes infections. Your pcr blood test being negative is not helpful since herpes is not a blood borne virus to be detected via pcr in blood.

If you can get the exact blood test results of your positive blood test to post, then someone can help you better. There are false positive issues with the blood testing and certain results require additional confirmatory testing. all you have to post are the actual results - ie hsv1 igg .33 and hsv2 igg 2.7 or whatever they are.

You may never figure out when and from whom you got hsv2 from if you do indeed have it. All that is important is knowing that you do have it so you and current/future partners can discuss precautions. If you haven't already, I highly recommend googling Terri Warren's free herpes handbook and reading through it. It will teach you all you need to know about living with hsv2 and protecting partners.

If you did perhaps contract it 5 years ago but never had obvious symptoms during that time, does that mean that you never transmitted it to a partner during that time? No it does not. Avoiding sex during obvious symptoms does help to reduce the risk of transmission to a partner but it still can be transmitted even without symptoms.

Hsv1 can never change into hsv2. They are 2 completely separate infections.

keep asking questions!!

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Hi, what were the numbers  that came up in your last test as is suspect its a false positive as any numbers 3.5 or below would indicate a false positive.
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Thanks for your replies. I don't know what my test number is but it doesn't really matter. I have the symptoms and with my doctor confirming me with being exposed to it then it is clear that I do have it. I wish I could say that I don't but logically looking at it I can say that it is indeed HSV-2.

So I guess my only other question is that can HSV-2 be transmitted to the mouth or can HSV-2 be transmitted from the mouth to a genital region?

Thanks again.
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