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Worried I have Herpes, can you advise?


I had sex with a sex worker and wore a condom.  There was no oral just vaginal intercourse.

I suffer from bouts of balanitis on my foreskin but after we had sex my foreskin was really upset, really painful and my glans were burning. This has happened before so I rode it out, but it continued and is still continuing.

In the last 3 days (15-20 days after) I am now getting tiny little (what looks like) white blisters (they are very small) right where the base of my glans meets my foreskin and am freaking out.  It is my understanding that if I was infected with the HSV2 virus I would have a breakout in the area that the skin touched the infected region?

Am I understanding his correctly?  Or could I have contracted it through a different region but the blisters are coming out in a different place?  I'm going to get tested but am seeking some advice/reassurance.  I can provide a picture.

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It is possible to get an outbreak in a different location than the point of infection, but it's more likely that you'd get it at the point of infection. However, tiny white blisters don't sound like herpes. Google pearly papules. Maybe that's what you're seeing?

In any case, get it checked out promptly - if it is an infection, the sooner you can get in, the easier it will be for the doc to diagnose you.
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