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Worried I have Hsv 2

I had protected sex about 13 weeks ago with a lady who I don't know very well. Note that My friend had sex with thw same lady but he is fine. We used 2 condoms which did not bust and the whole sexual experience lasted not more than 2 minutes. I had not had sex for 4 years before and was very healthy.

2 weeks after that I started having pain on my upper buttocks when sitting(I am fine when walking and sleeping). I think it is tailbone pain. Reading online I realised this was a symptom of genital Herpes so I went to a doctor who said there were no sores or lesions so she ruled it out. She gave me some muscle relaxers which did not help. I went back again  after 2 weeks and she gave me an anti inflammation medicine and this did not help also. She still ruled out herpes since there were no sores anywhere.
But my body has some marks on the buttocks which I think I had before,not sure.

Worried of the buttocks pain, I went to see an infectious diseases specialist. After examining me he said there were no symptoms (looked for sores,penal discharge and swollen groin) and that the risk was low exposure since I used a condom. But he ordered a test to cool me down.

At 9 weeks below are my results.
HSV 1 (igm negative but positive igg)- I don't believe I've ever had sores in my mouth.
HSV 2 (both Igm and Igg negative)
He said it's final.

But I still have buttock pain after 13 weeks and I've not had any injury. I also feel some discomfort at times around the kidney area. One of My lymph nodes below the jaw is slightly swollen and there was this time I had pain there for like 2 days. All doctors I've seen don't think its swollen and have said its normal.but it is more swollen than the same node below my other jaw. It is palpable though the doctor said it is because of a blood vessel that passes there.

I've also heard that if you have a positive HSV 1 then HSV 2 takes more time to show (seroconversion of HSV 2 takes longer). This also worries me.

I know something is wrong and that my body is reacting to something. Planning to have another test after 16 weeks.

Please help.
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You don't have genital herpes. Your odds of from a protected two min exposure is as close to zero as it gets. Your biggest mistake is reading the symptoms list with no context and knowledge of how the virus works. Lasting or lingering pain on its own is not herpes.
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Am just worried because I've never had this symptoms before. Where will this tail bone pain come from out of the blues. Plus the discomfort around the kidney(flank region). I understand both are symptoms of shingles and some people who have turned positive for genital herpes have such complains. I've never experienced this. The pains can't be caused by stress or anxiety.
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I understand your frustration. However the odds this is hsv is slim to none and slim left town.
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How do I get a reply from the specialists?
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