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Would it be a cold sore? Would i have contacted genital herpes?

I am not sure if I have developed a cold sore. It has been a week. When i felt it feel tingly, i applied cold sore cream onto it, But it has become worse and worse - scabbier and scabbier. The scab formed around day 3? I did not get what they say on the internet fluid coming out from the blister? I had one blister? it looked like a blister? But I dont recall it popping. I remember just applying cream to the area, and then one day, i woke up and it had a scab on it. The scab falls off very easily and then another one comes back. Is this normal???
And also
I am just worried that I may have touched the cold sore in my sleep then touched my genitals??
At the moment, i am not sure if it is just paranoia, but my the side of my vagina feels a little bit tingly?, no sores noted, just a little bit uncomfortable - i wear a pad almost every day as I dislike having discharge on my undies
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Have you seen a doctor? Only a doctor will be able to tell you if this is a cold sore or not. Stop putting meds on it, and let the doctor see it untreated. Ask the doctor to swab it.

If you wear a pad, it's unlikely that you'd touch your genitals while sleeping. If you are feeling a bit tingly, it could be anxiety from all this, or you may have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginitis form wearing a pad all the time. You should also get checked to see if the discharge you are experiencing is normal discharge or caused by an infection.

Good luck :)
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