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can cold sores show up after the flu-like symptoms?

I had unprotected sex about a week ago and it was very irresposible, very unlike me but i was feeling fine not until a week later i started to have a very slight fever that comes and go and a slight sore throat, the back of my neck hurts a bit but it could be cause ive been streesing about it lately, and i feel kinda tired but there is no sing of blisters or bad itching down there nothing like that altho i did have a scratchy throat for a bit i day ago but it went away!

is it possible that i caught something? can the flu-like symptoms come before the blisters? ive had this flu-like symptoms for 2 days now and still no itching, pain or blisters down there or anywhere. can you guys pease help me!
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It's possible, but it would be more likely to happen all at the same time.

It's far more likely that you are fighting some ordinary cold or flu virus. It's still flu season in a lot of places.
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thank you so much!! im also worried about maybe being  hiv.
i was reading about it yesterday and my symptoms are similar but again i might be just thinking about it to much...
a week after i got this super weak flu-like symptoms just low fever that comes and goes and a scratchy throat it doesnt hurt just scratchy like when you get alergies, and yesterday i was just feeling kinda body tired and same with my eyes but i havent had any rashes or anything like that no headaches no swollen glands  some parts of my body get itchy but only when im thinking about it and its because im constantly checking for symptoms, im from LA by the way thank you sooo much for your help!! its well appreciated!!!!
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Only an hiv test can provide hiv answers. Guessing info will be useless.
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Totally agree with AnxiousNoMore. Symptoms can never be used to diagnose HIV, and a week after infection is too soon for symptoms from an early HIV infection.

You did have unprotected sex, so you are at risk for STDs. You can test for gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU now. You can test for syphilis at 90 days and herpes at 4 months. If you get a 4th generation HIV DUO test, it will be accurate at 28 days. If it's just an antibody test, it will be accurate at 3 months.

If you get tested now for syphilis, HIV and herpes, it's a good baseline test to know that if you are infected, it's a new infection. You'd be negative now, and positive later.

Most people aren't infected, so don't overly worry.

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thank you soo much for your kind explanation. also i have one more question, i read that if you get a congested nose and sneezing is probably just a cold... is that correct? or hiv can also give you a runny congested nose and sneezing?
When you read about "flu like" symptoms with HIV, that's so misleading. There are really specific symptoms when your body is developing antibodies to HIV, and yes, there are some aches and pains, and a fever like you have the flu, but it's not like the flu you get when you have the "normal" flu during flu season. You don't get congested and have a runny nose, etc.

If you have sneezing, a runny nose, congestion - you probably have a cold. If you have a fever on top of all that, with body aches and pains, you may have the flu. If you don't have a fever, but your face hurts under and above your eyes, it's maybe a sinus infection. It could all just be allergies, too.

It ISN'T HIV, though, or herpes, or any other STD.
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