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6  months ago i was diagnosed with herpes  by visual  test and  some other "G" word ..  i was  given doxycycline and metronidazole  along with candid  v6 ... After over the past 6 months ive been having tiny outbreaks... but nun serious ..until recently when i was put on  kerflex   to  treat my abcess .. i now  have the worse herpes out break i have  ever  had .. i decided to purchase the same  medication ..and use it but its  been  3 days n it still looks  horrible should i conttinue ? also i  started dating a  guy with herpes .. and  we had unprotected the  beginning of this month could i have  been misdiagnosed since this looks more like the pictures of herpes i see on the internet ...   unlike my  "first outbreak"  which    was rather painful but didnt last this long
... and how long should i expect this outbreak to last
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I don't believe any of the treatments you describe are antivirals that would be helpful with a herpes outbreak, they seem bacterial and fungus related.

I would return for medical attention requesting a PCR swab on the sores and an IgG antibody blood test that is type specific for HSV1 and HSV2 as a start.
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To date there is no known cure for herpes.
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