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healing time for HSV-2 first outbreak

I am a young healthy women.
I had a cut appear on my genitals which happened after sex with my partner (been together about 6 months) about a month ago. I went to the Clinic they said it didnt look like herpes but swabbed me anyway, a week later I was in a lot of pain and result came back positive for HSV-2  it was quite a shock as i was not expecting it at all but i went to the clinic again she checked and said I had quite a few sores which had already burst and it was very painful.
I was given some medicine and I took it for 10 days, I have had salt baths with tea tree oil every other night and the pain subsided and some of the sores went away. I thought it had healed and my bf and I had sex on Tuesday.  It was a only a tiny bit painful and now its quite itchy, I have heard sex delays healing is this true?
  There are still quite a few bumps still on the inside by the opening they dont hurt when you touch them, how long do they take to disappear? Its been around 3 weeks is this normal? The doctor told me they cant put a time limit on the first outbreak as everyone is different. I am feeling really quite down about the thing and I want it over now, is there any advice about the future? thanks
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Thank you for the advice, I will contact the clinic for a blood test!
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Hi, having sex can irritate any sore as opens up the cuts again and delays healing. Under normal circumstances they heal in about a week or 2. Your boyfriend should have a herpes blood test to confirm his status. Also you should have a blood test now because ifs its negative that would mean you just contracted it.
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