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help, need info

does boric acid work and does it cure the infection? can u have sexual intercourse while useing boric acid? does the boric powder work just as good, i bought boric acid today and i am not quite sure how to use it or how much to use... can anyone help me with this...i am hoping this will keep me from going to dr so much...and also i heard that douching with hydrogen perixide works too...is that true? thanks hope for replys...i need the help....
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Isn't boric acid  the stuff you put around baseboards to kill cockroaches? And you want to put that stuff on your genitals? Yeesh.

Why are you going to the doctor "so much?" Because of herpes? If it's due to herpes, maybe you need to be on suppressive therapy. I really don't think "boric acid therapy" is going to get you where you want to go here. Yikes.
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WOW!!  What the hell would possess you to think boric acid is a cure??  NO it is not a cure and all it would do is burn the hell out of your genital area.  Waringblender is 100% ACCURATE it is a cockroach killer.  Sorry that stuff would'nt go any where near my privates, already have enough to worry about then to have my privates burnt!   Please for your own sake go to your doctor if this is herpes related and do what waringblender says go on suppressive meds that we all know is safe.  Take care!  Keep smiling!!
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Boric acid is used for the treatment of Yeast infections - personally it is not something i would use nor recomend to any of my pts!
Douching in general is a bad idea and then to add hydrogen perixide with it - no way!
Once your are infected with an HSV strain it never goes away - it is with you for life.
please go see your health care provider ASAP so that you can be set straight.
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boric acid is not a treatment for herpes. If you are using it because of vaginitis - you should be completely avoiding sex until you are done treatment and your genital symptoms are gone.  Boric acid is an irritant so you should also avoid sex if you have herpes and your partner doesn't - it very well could trigger shedding of the virus.

Also if you've never used it before - wear a panty shield - it can stain your panties.

Douching in general isn't recommended unless it's recommended by your doctor to do so. Hydrogen peroxide douching is for BV, not herpes.

If you want to know how to treat your herpes - read the herpes handbook at www.westoverheights.com.  No idea where you are getting your information from that you are coming up with these ideas for treating herpes.  There is not a cure for herpes at this time.

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