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herpe2 from oral

Hi I let some guy lick my A-S-S about two months ago. And today he told me he got tested positive for herpe 2. I am so afraid now and I do not know how big is the chance that I will get that from it. And when should I do a blood test?

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His hsv2 is almost assuredly a genital infection. Hsv2 is rarely an oral infection. Even if he had hsv2 orally (which is a long shot) you still were at no risk. Hsv2 orally sheds so very little that tbere is no realistc chance you would ever get it in a life time of him doing thst to you. I absolutely would not test over this and you needn't worry.
Thanks for the information..I thought herpe 2 can be transmitted through saliva. He just licked my A-S-S, I did not touch his penis..but he also told me today that he has no symptom at all. So I really got confused and frightened
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No need to worry. Hsv is not concentrated in saliva. In fact saliva helps break the virus down. No chance you contracted hsv2 from this exposure. None.
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