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First i would like to say thanks for providing a website like this. You provide many with peace of mind and that is great. My question is for about 22 days now i have had what looks like pimples on my butt cheeks. I would not call them clusters but obe to three close to each other. i saw a doctor and she said it looks like pimples and i was over reacting. I have not noticed any symptoms like fever, aches, burning, or swollen glands. They look like pimples with little whiteheads and all. I noticed one doctor on the site say herpes wont appear on both checks and was curious how true thaf was. The only reason i question my doctors diognosis is because she said there was no way to blood test for herpes. Again small pimple looking bumps, on both cheeks that have come and gone for about 22 days now. When i say come and gone I mean a pimple will appear vor 3-4 days and be gone and another will appear elsewhere. This sound like butt acne? or possible herpes?
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Couple things i forgot to mention.

1.  I haven't had unprotected sex in over 7 months, protected sex in 4.
2.  I recently started going back to college lately and all the chairs are hard wood/plastic chairs and i'm thinking it may be just my backside not used to the hard chairs.  I also sit 40 hours week at work on the telephone and am constantly moving around because well i sit to much.

Any input provided would be greatly apprecieated.  Thanks
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You obviously are worried about herpes so why not seek out a type specific herpes igg blood test to see what your status is? It' s been 4 months since you last had sex so enough time has passed.  If your provider won't order it, if you are in the US you can order it up yourself thru www.tstd.org or www.healthcheckusa.com.  The peace of mind for you will probably be worth it.

This really doesn't sound like it's herpes causing your symptoms.  

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