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hsv2 western blot

Hi so my western blot kit is on its way my doctor said he will help me when I get the kit. Im just wondering if they can't spin the blood where else can I go to do the blood and get my vial back I live in NYC. My back story is oral and frottage April 17th with a virgin female went to get blood work on April 29th 0.84 index value august 1.2 index value I have no symptoms. I reached out to her she said she is clean plus she getting very annoyed with me always asking her for reassurance. I just need find a lab in case my doctor can't spin my blood could use help want to get on with my life .
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Why wouldn't your doctor do this?

Since you're in NYC, you might have to go to NJ to find a lab. NY has some law or rule or something that they won't do the WB. If your doctor won't do the WB, you should work with Terri Warren to get your blood work done. She has a list of labs. But your doctor has already said he will help you.

When this is done, you really need to get help for your anxiety. Your partner is a virgin, and you should be leaving her alone about this.
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I understand just confused cause we didn't have sex and she is a virgin. I still have no symptoms im just sad and confused this never happened to me before. The kit will be here early next week so once I get it next morning I will be at the doctor get this done and move on with my life.
If you didn't have sex, and she is a virgin, this means that this has to be a false positive. They are common with the hsv2 IgG, and yours is barely a positive.

I understand making sure, but there is no need to panic.
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